Freelance Mechanics: How to Get More Business

Mechanics can become freelancers and thrive. Like any business venture, mechanics must keep a steady pace of incoming customers. Traditionally, car repair professionals establish shops and rely on traffic and the neighborhood to supply clients.

Freelancer mechanics can open shops or work as independent contractors at existing shops. Depending on the service, some freelancers may offer mobile mechanic options, where they travel to clients’ homes or places of work.

Therefore, how freelancers obtain more business depends on their operations model. Nonetheless, several strategies will work. 

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Freelancer vehicle repair professionals who open shops and employ the typical brick-and-mortar operational model can hang signage and buy ad space on nearby billboards and benches. 

Those who work for garages benefit from employing digital marketing strategies so clients can follow them if they move from one garage to another.

The following outlines information on how to get more business for freelance mechanics.

Establish an Offline Marketing Plan

In 2022, successful marketing professionals split plans into two, offline and online, and freelancers can learn from them. For mechanics, offline marketing tactics work best for those who own their shops. 

Components of offline marketing plans include:

  • Flyers
  • Mailers
  • Signage
  • Billboard ads
  • Bench ads
  • Newspaper ads

These tactics work well when focused on local residents. Mechanics who can find loyal customers living a few blocks away can turn them into repeat customers thanks to convenience. 

Signage, billboards, and bench ads will attract drivers who randomly pass by the shop and need service. 

Establish a Digital Marketing Plan

All freelancers should establish a digital marketing plan since freelancing in 2022 is primarily based on technology and the internet, especially independent mechanics. 

First, digital marketing components are far more cost-effective than offline marketing plans. Thus, digital elements complement offline ones. Vehicle service professionals who do not have a set location must help clients find them.

Digital marketing components include:

  • Website
  • Social media accounts
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email
  • Affiliate partnerships

Once freelancers create a steady income stream, they can invest some of it in online advertising, such as pay-per-click ads or keyword campaigns.

Uploading a one-page website to the internet allows the search engines to index it. Then, SEO will drive qualified leads to the appropriate contact information. 

Therefore, websites and social media accounts act as salespeople that never sleep. 

Digital marketing will help proactive prospective clients find your services and get more business. 

Offer In-Demand Services

Technology continues changing several consumer products and lifestyles. It has made heating, ventilation, and air conditioning smarter. Technology has done the same for vehicles. 

Therefore, freelance mechanics benefit from updating their skills. As manufacturers roll out more intelligent cars, consumers will need the services of qualified maintenance providers. 

Although some cities seem to have smart vehicles lining the streets, demand could still increase. Other cities have just started to install charging stations. Nonetheless, demand could rise across the board.

Thus, vehicle maintenance professionals must pick their niches. In some areas, it’s best to know how to work on gas-powered cars. Other cities have a demand for professionals who can maintain the electric version.

To garner more business, offer in-demand services.

Provide Outstanding Service

Once the flow of customers begins, provide outstanding service, especially if your skills are in short supply in the area.

Consumers will not always praise professionals who give them excellent service. However, they will share with others when they have bad experiences. 

Therefore, provide the great service that customers will discuss with other vehicle owners.

Nurture Repeat Business

Once repeat business starts to appear, nurture it. Practice great customer service by acknowledging that they have returned. 

Freelancers can offer benefits and rewards to repeat customers, even if it’s 5% off a service or a loyalty punch card that gives them a free oil change after five. 

The Internal Revenue Service categorizes freelancers as small business owners. Therefore, independent contractors should adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Through digital marketing, email repeat clients thank you letters after visits or discount coupons for seasonal maintenance. 

Happy customers might send referral business your way.


Freelance mechanics can garner more business by employing offline and digital marketing strategies. Once business increases, remember to nurture customers so that they become repeat clients.