Four Characteristics Of A Cheating Woman

What are the characteristics of a cheating woman? This topic is hotly debated in many circles, but it can be dissected for you to understand. Mainly, there are four key factors when you are trying to figure out if she is cheating on her partner or not. If you doubt and want to be assured that your wife may be cheating on you, then you must use an application like pcTattletale to get confirmation about it. In this blog, we will discuss the four major characteristics of a cheating woman.

Let’s look at these traits.

  • The Queen Dominatrix

Typically, Queen Dominatrix is a woman who has been with at least one man in her life. She might not even know that she’s naturally dominant, but it comes out when she starts dating and becomes frustrated or angry by men (or their behavior) treating her like trash. Once they realize she isn’t going to put up with them any longer, there are usually two reactions: either they will try harder and get worse until things head south quickly; or else they will be so turned on and obsessed with this new type of “normal” for them that nothing can come between them after that point.

  • The Wild Child

A cheating woman whose primary sexual attraction towards men is their sexual power will likely cheat on her man. She doesn’t need love; she needs pleasure and excitement (which can also lead to feelings of intimacy). This type of person may find themselves in a relationship where the sex has become stale or boring because neither partner feels comfortable initiating it.

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The Wild Child could have cheated with an ex-boyfriend who was still sexting them even though they broke up long ago. A cheating woman may be very attracted to powerful, confident men who are attractive.

  • The Repentant

These women who cheat on you will feel horrible about it, and they’ll want to come back. However, these types of affairs are usually rooted in some sort of problem causing your partner not to be happy with the relationship; if she comes back after cheating, then this is a good indication that nothing has changed, and there may still be problems beneath the surface.

  • The Despondent

Despondent women are one sort of unfaithful lady. This type will do whatever she can to get out of a relationship, even finding another man with whom she may have an affair. She usually doesn’t give a damn what other people think of her, and all that matters to her is getting out of her current relationship. They frequently return for their next love since they feel this one will not last.

The Bottom Line

Women cheat for the same reasons as men, but women may have a few unique characteristics that stray. Women who cheat are no different than men in that they may be seeking attention or looking for excitement. Women, however, often feel more trapped by their situation and expectations, which makes it difficult to leave a relationship even if there is infidelity involved.

Many women will stay with someone despite cheating because they don’t want to disappoint family members or friends. They might also fear being alone or not finding another person to love them unconditionally.