Fortnite Beginner’s Guide

If you’re just a newcomer in Fortnite, our beginner’s guide will provide the most important things you need to know in order to kill your enemies in-game. This guide includes information for beginners on weapon rarity, weapons, healing, building, Fortnite account, and many more things. We also go through each phase of Fortnite so you know how to tackle them early, mid and late stages of Fortnite. Take the concept Fortnite Battle Royale: a total of 100 players landed on the island until you are left one person or team standing.

What Exactly is Fortnite Battle Royale?

Fortnite Battle Royale is a video game that offers different game modes such as Party Royale, Squads, Duos, Trios, Solos, Battle Lab, and Team Rumble. There are 2 popular game modes. The first game mode in Fortnite is Save the World. It is a pay-per-player (P2P) versus the player vs. environment (PvE) campaign. In this mode, up to quadruple players collaborate to battle the zombie like creatures, the Storm, and to defend the survivors. The players can earn rewards through quests to better achieve their goals.

The second popular Mode is the Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a totally free to player versus player (PvP) game. total 100 players in this mode, single alone (Solos), Squads or 2 persons, aim to be the rearmost player or be on a team rumble by destroying or by avoiding other players. The sole survivor player or group is a winner in-game. Despite being popular both of the game modes, Fortnite is best for a team that can accommodate up till to 100 players; You can play alone or in squad of 4 players. You can start with just a few Fortnite items. But you can buy and upgrade skins, weapons, and more items through the Fortnite item shop. 

Three game modes in Fortnite

As mentioned above, Fortnite Battle Royale can be playable with friends only if you do not want to play solo, but if you play alone, then, automatically the game itself will match you with other solo gamers online.

The Solo: you against 99 more likely other solo players like you.

The Duo: leaves you with a partner – you and your teammates against the 49 any online teams.

The squad takes you into a squad of 4 players, you and your three teammates against the 24 other squads.

How to Get Started in Fortnite Battle Royale?

1: Firstly, Open the Fortnite game.

2: Sign in (set-up a new account).

3: Select the BATTLE ROYALE button.

4: For starters, you may be surprised how Battle Royale is a little bit intimidating, but to start with you have to get yourself familiarize with the game settings – click on the three lines at the top-right, then, you select the gear icon so that you can open the menu settings.

5: Click the entry code to see action keys. You have the liberty to reset all the keys just as you like best. So keep the keys in mind.

6: go back to the main menu, select on the game modes via the button at the bottom left.

7: Select a game mode, and then go click on ACCEPT. 

8: To start with the game, Click on the PLAY button.

9: You will end up in waiting area called Spawn Island. In the course of 60 second time, you have the capacity to practice by using the pickaxe, collecting Fortnite weapons, building materials, and ammunition, though, you cannot carry everything with you during the game.

10. At the time the game is filled with 99 to another player, it will be automatically in battle bus. Soaring to the air as well as it navigated onto the game map. It will tell you at the very moment you need to jump toward the game.

11: Once you reached the ground, watch like a hawk for treasuries, that store the weapons you’ll need, medical kits such as the first aid medical kits.

In the meantime, it is to use your pickaxe (is the sole weapon to start with) any structure you can see (rocks, houses, trees, etc.) as a basic way to gather building materials. Collect as much as you want since those building materials doesn’t occupy much a space in your knapsack.

Once you encounter an enemy, it’s either you hide or you can quickly press on the key (shown on the lower-left corner) in order to maneuver and use the Fortnite weapon to shoot the enemy or other player.

Once you gather a great amount of building materials, it’s time for you to build defensive structures quickly as possible, for instance walls, roofs, ramps, stairs, and doors. Press the letter Q to enter into construction mode. Access to your plan straight to one of the building openings (F1 to F4) then, you’ll see an image of the projected shape that resemble to your structure. Put it properly in a location by pressing your left mouse button. The F2 usage is to build walls, that can also be used for floors and ceilings. The F3, however, is use to build stairs. They are necessary to climb. On the other hand, the F4 is use to build the triangular cones. It can be utilized to protect as shield and shelter.

Land Fast & Equip Yourself Immediately

A good landing spot should have items that you can use to defend yourself. Always aim to land fast and close to a weapon or chest so you’re not left to fight with your pickaxe during the first minute of the match.

Since you have teammates, a medium or short-range to the battle bus route is recommended. Tactics after landing will vary based on the abilities of the players, but you must land reasonably close to each other to avoid an ambush.

Roofs and Top of Buildings

Roofs and tops of buildings are a good place to land, as they usually have hidden chests, ammo boxes, and other loot.

The Ramp Box

One of the most useful things you can learn to build quickly is what I call “The Ramp Box.” Literally is just four walls and a ramp, but to unite it in seconds is extremely useful in many situations. It gives you cover from all sides and allows you to peak and fire shots at your enemy. You can also keep stacking on top and grow more using the exact same layout.

Finding the Best Loot

You can find loot out in the open area, but one of the best options for finding loot is in chests. The absolute best items can more reliably come out of Supply Drops.


You will find them all over the world and they make a distinctive and seductive sound when you are around one. They also glow yellow when they have not yet been looted. When you go to open a chest, it takes a second to open it, so it is not a good idea to try to open one when someone else is around.

Chest Locations

  • In houses, you can find them most often in the attic, basement, or garage. Not all houses have these areas.
  • Chest locations are fixed and will appear in the same place in each game.
  • Check the dog houses for spawning. It is usually easier to break the doghouse because the chest is difficult to access at times.
  • You can now break whatever the chest is resting on, which will instantly open the chest.

Supply Drops

Supply Drops are harder to come by because they will drop in random places all over the map! However, these are some of the best boots you can find.

  • Before a supply drops, you will hear an airplane followed by a beep.
  • You can see it in the sky slowly falling, it is a balloon with a box attached.
  • There will be a target and blue smoke on the ground exactly where it is going to land.

General Tips

I’m going to try to cover some of the smaller things that will help improve your game or that are good to know if you are just starting out.

Basic Tips

  • Wear headphones and don’t play music. Hearing the footsteps and the direction the shots are coming from is extremely important.
  • This is only if you are serious about the game, if not just do what you want and have fun!
  • If you’re on a slower computer, make sure to lower the quality of your video. The more frames you get per second, the better off you’ll be.
  • In video settings: disable Anti-Aliasing and lower textures, effects, and post-processing. Turn off Vsync and Motion Blur, you can also Show FPS to see what other settings can help boost your frames.
  • Change the key combinations so you can compile faster. I mentioned this in the construction section, but this is really important! You need walls, ramps, and floors in no time.

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