Flex Space: Is It Good for Your Business?

Nowadays the number of freight shipping companies is enormous. Logistics has become of the most popular and profitable businesses these days. You can hardly find a company that doesn’t deal with transportation. No matter what your firm produces, it’s necessary to deliver supplies and transport ready items to the final consumers.

Yet, it’s not enough to find a good carrier with a needed number of proper trucks. Warehousing is one of the key elements of the successful functioning of the supply chain of enterprises of any size and type.

Flex space is flexible, lightly zoned storage that can be used for multiple purposes and typically has a combination of industrial and retail or office areas. Flex space is an ideal solution for your business if:

  • Your enterprise is prone to seasonal swings.

Thus, if you deal with agricultural products, you need more room in summer and autumn and almost no room in winter (with some exceptions to the regions where agriculture is a year-round phenomenon). It’s clear it’s not profitable to hire the whole warehouse for a long period of time. Moreover, it’s not always possible to calculate the needed size of the warehouse.

  • Your company experiences unexpected growth.

A business plan is a must if you decide to launch your own enterprise. Yet, different unexpected situations are still possible. If it suddenly appears that you are to produce more goods than you’ve planned, it’s necessary to find a room where you have to store everything.  

  • You are not able to calculate your needs in the right way.

Then, it’s a good idea to use this option if you are not sure how many orders you are to receive. At the same time, it’s necessary to provide clients with timely delivery. Such situations are common before seasonal sales. Using flexible storage is a good way to avoid delays and satisfy as many customers as possible.  

It’s only a few of the possible situations when it’s a good idea to use the so-called flex space model of warehousing. It’s also of prime importance to pick up the right variant. You are to consider the following aspects:

  • The size of the warehouse.

It’s the major point you have to pay attention to. There are variations for both small and huge companies.

  • Available equipment and tools.

It’s better to prefer firms that deal with modern and innovative technologies. If they apply automated software, it’s a perfect solution. 

  • Location.

If the storage is located in a remote area, it may become a real challenge to transport cargo. It’s better to look for a more convenient location of the capacities. 

  • Prices.

Rates are to be higher. Yet, you pay for your convenience and secure storage of your goods.   

Main Advantages of Flex Space Warehousing

Before you decide to order this option for your business, it’s necessary to clearly understand what the main advantages are. The first crucial plus is the possibility to find a place for your cargo any time you need it. Every business owner knows for sure that proper warehousing is in no way less important than proper transportation of the goods. If you fail to place your goods in a warehouse with suitable conditions, you risk damaging r spoiling the cargo. It leads to significant financial losses. Flex space is an awesome solution for urgent orders and unexpected swings in the market.   

Moreover, this service is good for both those who deal with full truckload and LTL cargo shipments. There are versatile variations. It’s enough to surf the Net and you find the best variant for you. Storages are often secure and well-equipped. Thanks to the use of special technologies, it’s always possible to receive and send freight on time. 

At the same time, it’s necessary to highlight some drawbacks of flex space you should know about. Thus, it’s not so easy to find a freight broker who offers this option. Prices for this service are generally higher in comparison with traditional warehousing solutions.

So, modern businesses are to experience versatile types of warehousing services. Flex space is a perfect solution for those who deal with flexible amounts of goods and do not need to hire the whole building. Thanks to this option, it’s possible to save time and money.