Five Sustainable Alternatives to Bathroom Products

The conversation surrounding environmentalism, climate change, and the atmosphere is dynamic. There is a lot to be said about corporations and fossil fuel pollution. You might feel helpless when it comes to the sustainability of our planet. You can’t control the world, you can be in charge of your habits and choices. One area where we can all improve is the products we buy and the brands we support. There are many facets of the household that can be improved in this regard, but the bathroom is one in particular that has a lot of room for growth. Below are five sustainable alternatives to bathroom products that are wasteful or bad for the environment.

Toilet Paper

The amount of toilet paper we go through is quite large. With the vast majority of this product being made from trees that are cut down, it isn’t great for the environment. This is because we need trees to take in the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere and turn it into clean, breathable oxygen. The more trees we have, the cleaner our air is. That’s why one great alternative is bamboo toilet paper. This product uses bamboo trees to provide a soft and strong alternative to traditional options. Bamboo is much stronger than other types of paper, enabling you to use less, save money, and decrease your negative impact on the environment.


Whether it’s for your teeth, hair, or makeup, you can find a great product in a bamboo brush. This alternative offers a strong and durable brush that is better for the environment than the typical plastic options you find in stores. They will last longer, keeping more money in your pocket. The handles of these brushes are made of bamboo, and sometimes even the bristles are. Whatever type of brush you need, you should look into a bamboo alternative.

Makeup Removers

Many makeup removers found in today’s market are one-time use. This shouldn’t be the case. Not only are you wasting products, you are spending too much money on these products. Reusable cotton rounds, for example, provide a great alternative to cotton balls and other disposable makeup removal methods. Simply wash the rounds and use them again. Made from durable materials like bamboo, reusable cotton rounds are much better for the environment and your wallet. Don’t waste any longer. Reuse these products!

Smart Toilet

Just about every product out there has a “smart alternative.” With toilets, it’s a significant difference. Not only can you find luxurious amenities like warmed seats and bides, smart toilets can save a lot of water. While the initial investment will be larger than your average toilet, it will pay for itself in the end. Your water bill will go down and you’ll have less plumbing issues to fix. When it comes to your bathroom and bathroom accessories, a smart toilet can make a lot of difference.


From body wash to hand soap, the liquids in your bathroom often contain harmful chemicals. Not only can these chemicals be harmful to the environment, they can be harmful to your body as well. Go for organic soaps, refillable body wash, all-natural mouthwash, and organic toothpaste. People say they don’t work well, but that’s far from the truth. They are just used to overly powerful, chemical-filled products that aren’t good for your skin or the world at large. When you’re looking to be more sustainable, you should change out the liquids in your bathroom.

Are you trying to be more sustainable in your life? It can be difficult to know where to start, but luckily there is a clear path forward. One place that we can all improve is what we choose to buy for our homes. Household products affect the environment in a variety of ways, but bathroom items can be particularly wasteful and harmful to the planet.

Between paper products to the liquids used and chemicals, there are many things you can do to improve the sustainability of your bathroom. When you feel overwhelmed by the impact society is having on the world and want to start taking the steps to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, begin with the choices you make daily. Go for sustainable products and the brands with integrity. It’s a great way to start.