If you just got a new job, have been fired from one, or believe you are being discriminated against in your workplace, you need to hire an employment lawyer as soon as possible. An employment lawyer will be able to fight for you if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated or are a victim of workplace harassment while also helping you understand your new job’s contract before you sign it. Regardless of your situation, if you are employed, you should have an employment lawyer on call at all times.

1. Wrongful Termination 

Oftentimes, people get fired for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Unbeknownst to you, the reason could actually be something as silly as the fact that the boss didn’t like you. If you believe you have been terminated from your job with no good reason, it may be time for you to hire an employment lawyer. They will fight for you and make sure that your employment rights haven’t been violated. If they have, you can rest assured that they will do everything in their power to make sure that you get the justice you deserve. 

2. Workplace Abuse or Harassment 

Workplace harassment happens a lot more often than people think. The only reason we don’t hear about it as much is because the victims of the harassment may be too afraid or ashamed to speak out. After all, many people fear that if they do stand up for themselves, they could be retaliated against. However, an employment lawyer will make sure that you are safe from retaliation and that you don’t face any consequences for speaking out as well as seeing that your abusers face the consequences they deserve. 

3. You Get Hurt 

One of the most common reasons why someone would hire an employment lawyer is if they have gotten hurt on the job and are looking to file a claim for worker’s compensation. An employment lawyer will assist you in filing a claim and getting you paid for the long-term. With worker’s comp, you can get paid to help you pay medical bills, get back lost wages, pay for physical therapy should you need it, and much more. If you have been injured while you were at work, you have every right to file a worker’s compensation claim. Just be sure that you do so with the help of an employment lawyer.

4. Investigate a Toxic Work Environment

If you feel mentally and emotionally drained after a day of work, you may be working in what is known as a toxic work environment. Believe it or not, this is yet another reason why you should hire an employment lawyer Toronto. With a lawyer, they can help you prove that your workplace is toxic so that you can get compensated for any distress it may have caused you. 

5. Get Professional Advice 

If you are unsure about whether or not a situation at work is something worth reporting, be sure to reach out to an employment lawyer. They will be able to advocate protecting your rights in all the legal documents governing your employment relationship. An employment lawyer can also explain to you the terms of your new contract if you have just signed on with a new job and are having a hard time understanding what exactly it is that you are signing. If you have any doubts in your mind about your place of employment, be sure to reach out to a local law firm to speak to an employment lawyer as soon as you possibly can.