Five Questions To Ask While Hiring A Construction Company

When it comes to constructing your dream home or any commercial building, the most crucial part is to pick the right construction/excavation company. A wrong decision can cause a cascade, and that is why one should be vigilant enough before choosing the construction services for specific projects. Explore for comprehensive construction services catering to various project types. As construction needs professionalism, hiring a construction company in Calgary, or wherever you live, with a strong reputation and enough labour is essential. In this way, you can have confidence in the whole construction process and ultimate peace of mind.

Choosing The Best Construction Company

Before starting the construction work, many things need to be done regarding material handling and excavation. But if you have chosen a good construction management company with a proper construction quality assurance plan, there is nothing to worry about.

Here we come to the real question. Where to find the best construction company and how to see their work ethics? This article will help you with the five questions to ask while hiring a construction company in Calgary or elsewhere.

2.What type of work portfolio do you have?

It is essential to ask this question because you can’t get into the work pattern of any construction/excavation company without a good work history. Suppose a company claims to have rich experience, then there must be a complete profile, case studies, projects, and expertise. Go for this question to check whether they have skills in your desired construction domain. It is essential to know the background as some companies only work in aesthetic architectures, storefronts, warehouses, etc., so it’s better to ask before making any decision. 

3.Can you share details about your relevant past projects?

When you have asked about the work background and the construction company says they have done a few projects, get into the relevant details. Inquire about their journey from the first day to essential scenarios, work methods, raw materials, project management, labours, work plan, any mishaps, etc. Whatever you think is necessary, ask them. If you need steel buildings in Alberta or elsewhere, inquire your construction company about it. Make sure to cross-check the project and never forget to ask about the references so you can hear the truth from the end consumers. 

4.What timeline do you propose for this particular project?

Now come to your project details. Please give them a brief. 

It would be great to prepare a file to share with the construction companies to come with complete preparation before making any subsequent move. Ask for the proper timeline and the milestones to see how the team will complete the task. Inquire them about their priorities and how they will manage any loops in the given deadline. If you feel the company has not had enough labour to complete the work or their history is not satisfying about meeting the deadlines, it’s better to move on.

5.What safety measurements do you follow?

If you have come this far with a construction/excavation company, ask clearly about their safety measures. Never compromise on this part. Some construction companies do not discuss this earlier, but there are hidden charges for safety measures, so it is good to be open about it. Ask about any additional costs, and ask them what safety measures they follow to keep their team and labour safe and how they cope with an accident. If you are looking for specific safety parameters, tell them beforehand and get a precise project quotation.

6.What is the estimated cost?

Never miss this question. A vague quotation can lead you to carnage. To avoid any confusion or trouble, ask each and everything related to the cost. Some construction companies in Calgary and other areas use projections and then charge right according to the market rate of raw materials and labour charges. On the other hand, some construction companies always go for the fixed amount. It will bring satisfaction to the client as hidden costs can mess up your plans. So, keep a clear head about it and ensure invoicing for proper record keeping.


Don’t restrict yourself to only these questions and clear every confusion related to the proposed construction company in Calgary or wherever you live. Listen to your gut feeling as well. If you are not satisfied with the answers or gestures of a excavating company, don’t go for it, as construction is a significant investment.  Be clear about the cost/safety measures and never settle for a vague invoice.