Five Casino Games You Should Avoid

You don’t expect to go into a casino and have just one game option. There are hundreds of games to play, and sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to choose the right one. While some casino lovers fancy certain games, others select the ones with the highest house edge to determine what to play.

Playing by the number of house edges you find on a game may be dangerous because you may end up having the worst list of games with you. Regardless of the games you have on your list, here are five casino games you should avoid in any casino.

  1. Skip the Three-Card Poker

Unless you are used to playing very fast-paced games, playing three-card poker could be a terrible venture. For starters, it is a non-traditional casino table game that became widely accepted because of its tricky odds, which, in the real sense of the word, are designed to fill the pockets of the casino.

Most people mistake the game for traditional poker, but the hands are ranked differently from poker. The result of your wager may not include the dealer’s hands. The requirement seems simple as you only need to flop a pair to win, but remember you have a deck of 52 cards arranged in an unsequential order.

  1. Let the Bingo Please Go

Just like playing slots, bingo is a complete game of chance and luck. It is not worth playing, and there are many superstitious posts about how you can improve your odds of winning, but they are mere bluffs. This game does not give the players any form of control, and the odds of winning are slim unless the house is full. One would expect that a game this boring should offer some fun at least. However, just like most regular casino players, bingo is one of the most boring games in any casino.

  1. Pai Gow Poker Pokes too.

If you ever think playing one hand is a terrible affair in a casino, then you should run away from the Pai Gow table before it pokes you. The requirements are rigorous as you will need to form five card hands and two-card hands. However, the rules of the game don’t allow you to win with only a two-card hand. Your five cards must be better than the two-card hands you hold.

The objective of Pai Gow poker is to have you wager and beat both of the dealer’s card hands. When you win just one, you have a push, and when you lose both, you have lost the wager. Aside from the odds of winning, if you do win, be prepared to pay a casino commission of 5% of your winnings.

  1. Avoid Rolling the Roulette If You Are a Beginner
Gambling Roulette Game Bank - Free image on Pixabay

It seems simple, and the odd seems almost right, but it is all a trick. Opinions suggest you keep betting on the red and black, and the odds might favor you 50/50. However, the trick of the game lies in the green o and oo that are positioned on the wheel.

You will find this on most American wheels. The odds of doubling your bet are just a probability that pros may not object to. However, there are other rewarding games you can play as a beginner to improve your winnings.

  1. E-Sport Betting Is Never for the Weak

Make sure you practice sports games on online casinos, like 21 Casino, before you venture into the wilds of real e-sport casino games. This game requires a basic understanding of how to match up a team to win properly. You need to know how you can influence your odds by using the team’s strategies.

Other technical knowledge like handicapping, steam moves, arbitraging, and bankroll management are also very important. Sadly, not all beginners have superior knowledge of this, and just because the casino offers a game about their favorite sport, they want to play it. This may end up being a dangerous nightmare.

  1. Slot Machines Aren’t Entirely Friendly

Casinos make slots appear like the easiest thing to play. The slot machines have hundreds of game options and interesting pay-out tables, but there’s no strategy or tactics. Playing slots is entirely based on luck. If you are not ready to lose so much money, avoid the slots. If you must play, stick to the lever strategy. It slows you down a bit and helps you calculate your losses just in time before you get trapped in this terrible gambling strategy for casinos.

Final Thoughts

In the real sense of it, no game is entirely bad. You may need some level of skill and practice to be able to venture into them conveniently. If you are a beginner, stick with what you can play, avoid these five casino games reviewed above, and perhaps you will hit that jackpot sooner than you imagine.