FirmaX: Company Incorporation Hungary

In today’s challenging economic climate, it is of the utmost importance to keep costs, expenses, and advisory fees to a minimum as much as possible. At FirmaX, we believe that paying an unreasonable amount of money for services of high quality is unacceptable. As a consequence, we offer a pricing structure that satisfies the requirement for value for money in each of our service areas.

FirmaX’s professional team is made up of lawyers, accountants, translators, real estate advisors, business advisors, tax experts, and an experienced administrative team. We approach each project with the utmost professionalism, but we also try to make and keep a friendly and welcoming environment for our customers.

FirmaX’s only goal with its services is to help businesses and private people in Hungary with any kind of business-related problem. We set up companies, do accounting, give advice on taxes and the law, register for VAT, and collect debts, among many other things. In addition to that, we offer pre-built businesses. 

By purchasing a shelf company or a dormant company, you will be able to get your company up and running in Hungary right away. Naturally, each document will be crafted in the language you speak or, if you prefer, in a bilingual form upon receipt of your request. Please visit the page on our website titled “Services” if you would like more information about how we might be able to help you grow and expand your business.

Company Incorporation Hungary

There are many different kinds of businesses that can be established in Hungary, providing you with options in the event that you are considering doing so. Each one features a unique set of benefits and drawbacks in addition to registration requirements. 

In addition, each variety of company is subject to particular restrictions regarding the kinds of commercial endeavors that are allowed. Depending on the type of company you select, the complexity of the Hungarian company registration process varies.

Services offered by FirmaX

Corporate Services

An attorney from Hungary is required for every foreign-based company. You can save money by outsourcing the work and avoiding the expenses of multiple trips and extended stays in Hungary. Additionally, a lawyer can assist you at every stage of the procedure.

Before forming a company, there are numerous factors to be taken into account. One of the most crucial factors is the specifics of the registration process and the business laws and opportunities in Hungary. The procedure is typically straightforward, and you can select from various business models.

Fast and accurate company incorporation in Hungary is one of FirmaX’s core services and is reasonably priced. Customers can select the best option from the ready-made company registration packages in the FirmaX product portfolio based on their needs. Customized Hungarian company registration packages are also available upon request. Additionally, services can be asked for on an individual basis.

Legal Services

No matter what kind of business you have, you should always use legal services. This is true whether you want to start a new company or want to find and fix any problems or risks that your business may face in Hungary.

FirmaX collaborates with the Budapest-based Kugler Law Firm to offer client-centered, solution-focused legal services. The lawyers at this firm offer legal counsel in all facets of business law. The firm comprises young, accomplished attorneys who have worked for top international law firms and big four advisory firms. 

Each lawyer has the qualifications, training, and experience needed to coordinate domestic and foreign cases as effectively as possible. Their exceptional understanding of Hungary’s local legal, commercial, social, and cultural landscape gives our clients a significant competitive advantage.

Consulting Services

There’s no need to study Hungarian! One of FirmaX’s product offerings is translation, which focuses on translating legal, tax, and business-related documents.

In collaboration with the translation agency Business Translation Services, which specializes in translating legal, financial, and general business documents, FirmaX offers translation services. English, German, Hungarian, and Spanish are the languages we use at work. We offer language combinations and translations into and out of all these languages.

Only highly skilled native-speaking legal, tax, and financial professionals who acquired their advanced language abilities and the necessary language terminology at reputable multinational advisory firms, financial institutions, and law firms make up our translation team.