FINNDIT – A beacon of hope for MSMEs in a post-pandemic world

The small and medium business owners would want to erase the last couple of years from their memories as quickly as possible. The pandemic had wreaked havoc on the entire economies of the biggest and smallest nations alike. The necessity to curtail human interaction completely to prevent the spread of the deadly virus meant that the industries, manufacturing facilities, stores, shops, offices, schools, colleges, etc had to be shut down altogether and rely on operating only through online mediums. Now that the economies are beginning to crawl back again, a platform like Finndit could contribute immensely to this revival for the MSMEs.

Reviving Economies

While no one knew how long this was going to last when the pandemic first began, everyone was certain that the economic engines had to switch on sooner or later. Sitting at home and waiting was just not an option. The vaccine hastened this process considerably as people became a bit more confident in going out. Essentially, the masses began to learn to live with the virus without compromising health. With a large chunk of the population already vaccinated, the local businesses, ventures and other MSMEs have begun their operations. However, it could not be underestimated what they went through for the last couple of years.

A vast majority of small business owners had to shut down completely or sustain a significant loss in their revenues. The manufacturing, demand, supply chain and logistics were disrupted quite severely. Even the biggest of companies bore huge losses and are still in the recovery phase. It could be understood that many small ventures were not able to survive this phase that got elongated more than anyone would’ve predicted. 

How is Finndit helping the MSMEs?

Finndit is the fastest growing local business search engine in India. Having been established in 2020, it has already garnered over 2.5 lakhs of business listings on its platform. Especially the local vendors and stores, who are able to post their businesses online using Finndit and advertise their products and services, are the prominent gainers from this technology. The online presence for any business is vital in this day and age. It lends a certain credibility to the business if people could find it on the internet. 

On the other hand, digital marketing and establishing an online presence is an expensive affair. It becomes impossible to afford such high prices to advertise the products on a national scale for the MSMEs. Their cash flow is not huge, to begin with. Additionally, the pandemic phase had crippled them beyond measure. That is the reason why the post-pandemic world could benefit tremendously from firms like Finndit. 

Services offered by Finndit

Finndit has already established its presence in 11 countries. The platform boasts of over 45 business categories and 1,900 business subcategories. The users in many cities could enjoy the convenience of locating any sort of business around them on Finndit. At extremely affordable prices, business owners could use services like business logos, graphics, business details (email, phone number, location, working hours, etc), review management, social media presence, mini-websites, photoshoots, videos, digital marketing, verified listing, etc. 

All these services not only establish a prominent presence online but also serve to expand the customer base with the digital marketing technique. A ton of small and medium scale business owners have benefitted from using these services from Finndit. There is an exponential rise in revenues and profits for MSMEs during this post-pandemic world. If you would like to give your business a digital spin and plan to expand pan India, Finndit could be your best partner.