Hearing aid options are more diverse and varied than they’ve ever been. You have the choice of analog hearing aids, digital hearing aids, different external options, hearing aids that go quite deep in the ear, and even bone conduction hearing aids. Which is best for you can depend on a number of different factors we’ll explore here.

1. How It Fits
Sure, you want it to be invisible, look good when you catch sight of it in the mirror, and have long battery life. But none of those things matter so much as how the hearing aid you settle on fits. It needs to stay in your ear, and it needs to be comfortable enough you can forget about it. If it’s ungainly and painful, that’s going to make things difficult.

2. Battery Life
There are hearing aids that have battery life well in excess of two full days. However, some run out of battery pretty quickly. There are a number of ways to handle this. Cheaper hearing aids tend to be of a kind that requires you to buy little “watch” batteries, and constantly change them out.

More expensive hearing aids are rechargeable, but may not have battery life which lasts as long, meaning you need to have several pairs that you cycle through. The more features, stylistic enhancements, and battery life a hearing aid has, the more expensive it will likely be—but there are programs out there which may provide assistance; ask your audiologist.

3. General Style
Some hearing aids are more ungainly than others, and this can’t be helped. There are situations where the hearing aid you purchase is just going to be a little bit visible. Accordingly, you might as well buy a hearing aid designed to look stylish. Oticon hearing aids are considered very stylish by many. It’ll all depend on the sort of appearance you prefer.

4. How Visible The Aid Is
If you want to go with an essentially invisible hearing aid that is designed to match your skin tone, that’s probably going to be a little bit more expensive than if you go with something that’s not designed to be hidden. It’s worthwhile to see what your audiologist thinks. Sometimes you’ll have no choice owing to the inefficiency of certain hearing aid solutions.


Still, for most who are contending with hearing impairment, there are options that can be easily hidden; especially if you wear your hair a little past the tops of your ears. What you’ll want to do is assure the right fit whenever you find a hearing aid that is designed not to be very visible.

Also, it’s worth considering that smaller hearing aids can be harder to find if you lose them; so be sure you have multiple pairs.

Choosing The Best Hearing Aid For You
For those who are trying to determine where to find hearing aids in Southern Maine, the link goes to a group that offers a variety of classic and contemporary styles; both in kind and trend. You’ll be able to explore a number of options in terms of battery life, visibility, and other relevant options.

It’s worth doing a little research in advance. Also, you might want to see which sorts of hearing aids are recommended by your audiologist. Some types of hearing aid are more or less effective depending on the sort of hearing loss with which you’re contending. All that being said, though, you can find some very effective options on the market presently.


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