Finding Acne Treatments That Work for All Skin Type

Each person wants to have clear skin, but they suffer from acne in some cases. It can affect someone’s confidence once those pimples spread out and look more prominent. That is why the market offers a ton of acne treatment to control them, and many people have a habit of trying different skincare to see good results. 

Skincare products may or may not be effective for a particular skin type. The truth is, you can identify the proper antidote for those blemishes by knowing the kind of acne you are trying to eliminate. 

Different Types of Acne 

Individuals can suffer from various types of breakouts as puberty hits. These include:

  • Pus-Filled Pimples 

It is also called pustule acne that contains a yellow or white fluid. Popping pus-filled acne could be dangerous. Instead, use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide products to cure them for about six weeks. 

  • Blackheads and Whiteheads

These result from clogged pores that form tiny bumps on the skin. It has a rough texture that is so tempting to rub. However, use a gentler solution, like retinoid, in washing your face to get rid of the bacteria causing the acne. 

  • Papule Acnes 

Papules are small and coarse bumps that can cause redness on the skin. It will quickly disappear by washing your face daily with an acne treatment recommended by dermatologists. 

Finding the Right Treatment for Your Acne 

Here are some tips for landing on the right acne treatments for your skin type:

Know Your Skin Type 

People have different skin types. It could be dry, oily, or a combination type of skin. This factor plays a role in why a person has acne. Maybe that individual is using skincare that does not match its skin type, generating acne. It sounds cliché, but if there is one thing you should know before buying skincare products, it would be your skin type. 

Talk to Dermatologist

Seeing a dermatologist is highly recommended to deal with severe acne problems. Unfortunately, beauty specialists can help you find the best solutions to avoid damaging your skin using the wrong products. Instead, they know what kind of products can ease skin blemishes. Dermatologists will also discuss the possible risks of each treatment, as well as their benefits. 

Type of Prescription 

Using over-the-counter acne cures may not help your situation. On the other hand, doctors shall prescribe either of the two types of medication for acne. 

If you are familiar with creams and gels applied on the skin, those are called topical medications for acne. They contain antibacterial properties that help remove excess oil and other causes of acne from the skin. It is an effective antidote for moderate acne with anti-inflammatory effects to ease redness. 

The second type of prescription to treat acne is an oral medication. It comes with many side effects to be aware of, like sun sensitivity. It is ideal for people that have tried other treatments but seen no results. Regularly consult your doctor if you picked this treatment to monitor your condition.

To summarise everything, suffering from acne can be frustrating. It is also confusing to find the proper skincare to prevent acne with all the possible choices. Therefore, the best tip to cure pimples is to talk to experts who know the right prescription for your skin type. Whatever acne you have, remember that it does not define natural beauty. You are gorgeous with all of those flaws.