Find your perfect life partner with Pakistan’s Online Marriage Bureau

The people of Pakistan have high expectations of the partner they are about to marry. In reality, finding the perfect life partner is quite a task. For generations, women in Pakistan in particular were objectified and were the actual victims of the Rishta culture. Adding to the horror are the ingrained and practiced patriarchal norms, the way Rishta culture works, and the never-ending instructions of the Rishta aunts. With the advent of technology, marriages that were once believed to be made in heaven are now being made a reality through Pakistan’s first premium HMF marriage Bureau in Lahore.

Initiated By Mrs. Farhan, a Pakistan-based venture studio working on consumer and enterprise technology startups, the platform allows users to find their soulmates with the utmost security and privacy. The database of the HMF app contains around 400,000 marriage profiles from 100% verified users. With the AI-based send filters, you can drill down based on your needs and consider people who match accordingly. HMF is growing day by day, since its launch the app has reached nearly 350,000 downloads and 18 million profile views. Within a short period of time 55,000 matches were made grateful to HMF for making life easier.

HMF keeps your assets intact

HMF offers a simple user experience that makes finding a good match easier. The sophisticated algorithms and tailored questions alert the user to make an informed decision. When a user gets specific and enters the details according to their family values and beliefs, the advanced socio-economic and religious filters automatically narrow the pool so they can find a suitable match. The core of the HMF Marriage Bureau online is to be consistent with the values, customs and traditions of its users in order to find the right partner for them.

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In Pakistan, where orchestrated relationships are the norm, the Rishta hunt for a woman is more like a horror movie. In the name of culture, once a woman is 20 years old, she is adorned like an object and is often displayed in the salon meetings where two families are contemplating marrying their children. Such practices are eliminated when a user signs up with HMF. The great thing about the app is its diversity, catering to people of all ages, cultures, religions and castes by securely digitizing matchmaking. Women can create a profile, select the criteria they want for a partner, and explore the profiles while remaining connected to their traditions and cultural norms.