Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service: Usually the terminology ‘maintenance services’ refer to the maintenance and repair services offered to the heavy industrial. And commercial assets. There is a lot of talking in the industry about how enterprises can automate their operations. And processes to offer preventive maintenance or to a level-up to offer predictive maintenance. Usually, the big industrial enterprises have heavy budgets, good IT infrastructures, technical know-how. And thus implementing field automation gets way less challenging compared to small companies that are offering home-care maintenance services. Maintenance Service.

Usually, these small companies handle their field operations manually or rely on low-profile technologies like spreadsheets for keeping logs, WhatsApp business for team collaboration, different software for setting reminders, keeping notes, etc. There is nothing wrong with these applications. But the loophole is that they don’t form a comprehensive solution, which means they function through different databases. For instance, if the service manager has created the schedules for the weak. And he wants to share it with the technicians, then he can very much share the schedule worksheet with the technicians using Whatsapp. Although there is some level of automation in the process, yet there is a need for high-level manual intervention. Basically, these applications and tools have designed for generalized use, so these have very few industry-specific features. That can genuinely help small companies with field automation. 

What is the solution for the field automation need of small-scale maintenance service providers?

Maintenance management software is a cost-effective industry-specific tool that enables even small businesses to automate their field operations. These software suites are designed for field service and field workforce management. It helps with task scheduling, matching a job with the right technician, route planning, automating the standard communication like sending reminders. An online platform for team collaboration, and real-time data using and sharing online invoicing, reporting, and much more. 

These applications develop as complete maintenance work order software. And these are efficient in supporting each level of operations involve starting from the registering of a service request. To service delivery to after-sales recurring services. 

Some of the examples explaining the capacities of maintenance management system software 

Job scheduling: When there is a new service request, and the service manager faces the challenge of which technician. He should dispatch for the job, the software can help him by automatically identifying the nearest available rightly skilled technician. 

Instant communication: Once the job is schedule for technicians, the maintenance scheduling software sends him an automatic notification. Texting him all the details of his job like site location, customer detail, service brief, etc.

Route planning: To ensure that the technician reaches the job site early and rightly utilizes his time, the software can map the optimal routes to the job site avoiding detours and traffic congestion. the service manager can remotely track the live location of the technician. Real-time tracking of technician’s location helps with performance assessment as well as for verifying the fuel reimbursement claims. 

On-the-move data access: As the technicians travel to the job site, they can go there prepared as on the move and can access the enterprise database and check the service history, contract history, etc., if it’s a repeat client. 


Small businesses must not shy away from automation thinking that its implementation is a difficult job. Maintenance management software from Emerson. with customization facilities is a complete one-stop solution through which businesses of any size can bring in automation in their field operations and field workforce management.