Features Of Uhaul 26-Foot Truck

When relocating, you must rent a truck to haul all your belongings. Uhaul rental services offer a lot of different trailers, trucks, and services to meet your hauling journey requirements. Shifting from one place to the other is complex. So it requires a lot of planning and tremendous effort.

Before you move, ensure that the Uhaul 26-foot truck service is available at your desired location. The Uhaul 26 foot truck inside is large and spacious with usable length, width, and height. It can take your stuff within or outside the town or state without much trouble. The 26-foot size is the largest size available in the series, and it can move items from 5-8 bedroom apartments with a maximum load of 9,010 lbs. Therefore, it is the best way to haul your things long distances. It has all the features that make your hauling journey easier and smooth. 

Here are the features you must know before renting your next Uhaul truck.

Large And Spacious 

You can rent a Uhaul truck from online renting services. You cannot imagine how accommodating it is without knowing its dimensions. It is 26’2” in length, 8’2 in width, and 8’3″ in height. The deck height in front of the ground is around 2’11”, and the length is 23’5″. This way, the Uhaul 26 foot truck inside offers space and capacity to carry many things simultaneously. The fuel tank capacity is up to 60 gals. Simply put, reaching your destination with such a capacity is easier without refueling it often.

Volume And Capacity 

Families often opt for large trucks to haul their stuff back home. The 26 feet truck can carry up to 10,000 lbs weight in 17,000 cubic feet. However, if you want to move to only a 3-bedroom house, a 1200 cubic feet box truck is enough for you. To shift a single-room studio apartment, 400 cubic feet of vehicle space is more than enough.

It is the most suitable choice for moving large furniture, home appliances, and bulky stuff. The company offers other trucks of multiple sizes that you can choose from per preference. 

Miscellaneous Features 

The vehicle has a Mom attic feature that protects the stuff from external damage. It keeps delicate items from getting damaged while transporting from one place to another. There is a seating capacity for three adults, airbags, air conditioning, powerful disk brakes, and radio facilities.

The vehicle offers a towing capacity of 10,000 lbs which is suitable for carrying heavy loads. Several rental options, price ranges, and modes of payment, like cash or cards, are available depending on distance, number of days to travel, and other factors.


Trucks, trailers, and RVs are used to haul items from one place to another, sometimes with the capacity to transport items up to 5 bedrooms. The 26-foot u-haul truck offers the desired dimensions and capability to safely haul your things to the desired location. The vehicle is the best choice to move your stuff with great ease and superior functionality. Fill your truck with delicate items because the Mom attic feature will keep your things safe so you can reach the site without any trouble.

An expert rental truck service arranges every item stacked one over the other to keep your things safe and secured. It is the best way to transport your items from one place to another.