Features of CCTV cameras that are way more than just video recording

CCTVs are not a newly introduced concept, they have been in use for years. But still, one may think why do we need CCTV installation. We can see many houses in neighborhoods are installing it outside the house. It is been reported that crimes have significantly decreased from car parking, and public places as well. The ratio is less but even the slightest change can make a huge difference. There are several reasons as to why one must install CCTVs at their home and working areas.


CCTV provides a 24/7 watch over your house, it stores the details and records the area the whole day. 

  • The primary job of a CCTV is to safeguard the house by keeping a watch on every minute detail. 
  • It gives a peace of and, knowing that you have a watch on the door and outside and can know who came, left, or if any stranger is seen. CCTV installation in Melbourne provides reassurance of security. There are several types of CCTVs, some are wireless and thus can be easily operated by a tablet or phone.
  • A commercial electrician in Melbourne helps in choosing the best CCTV for your house. Some people install CCTVs inside as well as outside the house. This gives a sense of comfort to the people living in the house, especially if they are living in a high crime zone.


This is a common question that why do we need CCTV installation, the major reason to install CCTV at your home is its cost-effectiveness. Gone are the days when CCTVs were very rare and expensive as well. These days you can get a good quality CCTV installed at your place at a reasonable price.

  • Paying a reasonable amount to keep your house safe from theft and sleeping with peace of mind is the real catch. Even if you are away from home, CCTV takes charge and looks after the surroundings and the house. If you have a company, shop, or any small business, installing a CCTV camera will let you know all the inside details. It also keeps the employees in check.
  • CCTV installation in Melbourne helps people to install CCTV at their homes and work place. The professional team sets up the CCTV and provides a guide on how to operate. 
  • You can also make an appointment with Commercial Electrician in Melbourne. They have a skilled team, carrying experience in installing CCTV.
  • It is a great way to protect your family and to keep an eye around your house. It is not a question anymore that why do we need CCTV installation, rather one must wonder why we don’t. Modern technology has made installing CCTV an easier task. Now it is just a matter of hours and your house will be accessorized with the most valuable thing that is CCTV.
  • Modern CCTVs are easy to maintain, operate, and cost-effective. These features have made them popular everywhere. Now you can easily operate and check the previously recorded data, right from the phone or tablet.

Decreased crime rates

It is witnessed that the crime rates have consecutively dropped after the installation of CCTVs in public places, in houses, hallways, etc. Certain cameras are small and can be barely seen from outside, but record everything. Installing CCTVs can help in solving many criminal cases. The footage that the camera records, can be used as evidence. The camera needs to be located at the perfect spot so that the coverage is more. This is the reason why we need CCTV installation in our neighborhood.

Benefits of installing CCTV camera

These benefits answer the question, that comes to almost everyone’s mind as to why do we need CCTV installation.

  • Certain CCTV cameras in the market only record when any motion is detected in its radium. The simple CCTV cameras fail to recognize motion and hence record the same spot for hours. This will just fill in the storage area with irrelevant footage. If CCTV with motion detection features are installed, it only captures when there is a motion and saves a lot of storage area.
  • CCTV cameras with two-way audio are beneficial in areas where there is a need to interact with the person standing in front of the camera. This is applicable only for the places where the cameras are operated by a person. It can be used to verify the identity of the person standing at the other end. This is why we need CCTV installation in certain places where two-way communication is necessary.
  • The latest technology has made CCTV cameras and has used infrared lights. Other CCTVs work like any normal camera where light is needed to capture the object in sight. But in the case of infrared cameras, the lights illuminate the surroundings and take the footage. This feature strongly answers why do we need CCTV installation. This has helped many places to keep their premises safe even at night. This is the reason, CCTV cameras are called day cameras and night cameras. 
  • Why do we need CCTV installation is one way of asking the question but there are several ways to explain and establish the importance of installing CCTV. There are various types of CCTV cameras. One such camera has the exceptional quality to scan the number plate of the vehicle in sight. These number plates can be viewed by a software

These above features prove that why do we need CCTV installation, it keeps our surroundings safe and gives us the comfort of a secured environment. You can purchase CCTVs online or from the shop and can get them installed in no time by Direct Point Electrical Experts. It is cost-effective and hence no issues with its maintenance.