Fashionnel com Reviews – Is the website considered legitimate or not?

Fashionnel com reviews; Are you a fan of having modern and cool items? Or are you looking for a website that offers cool stuff?

Finding online stores offering unique and trendy items are everywhere on the internet, but only a few are genuine. Similarly, we came across a website offering fancy items and we are here to determine its legitimacy.

Even our readers must have found such a website; That is why you have come to this article.

The website is gaining immense popularity in the United States and people want to know more about its products.

What is the website according to Fashionnel com reviews?

It is a website that is an online retail store that showcases cool and trendy items like men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and other smart gadgets. The website is gaining popularity among citizens of the United States.

The website has provided detailed information about each product in the description section and has a sharing option. The website also has a customer comment area where people can comment on their opinions.

The internet is full of websites like these, but are these details enough to determine the legitimacy of a website?

To find out more, let’s dive in and learn more about the website specs!

Specifications as reviewed by Fashionnel com

• The webshop is an online retail webstore that offers cool and trendy items.

• The website can be browsed from

• The website does not disclose the shipping details of the website.

• There is not much information available on the shipping rate either.

• The website sharing policy is missing on the website.

• The consumer has the right to cancel the order if the product has not yet been shipped or produced.

• There is a 14-day return policy that requires the product to be unused and in the same condition it was delivered.

• Based on Fashionnel com reviews, if a refund is requested, the website will inspect the product. If it is in accordance with the conditions of the website, then the refund will begin.

• The only contact detail mentioned on the website is an email address, ie [email protected].

• The website has also displayed a physical address, which is 27 Hardy Avenue, Xehia trading Ltd, Dartford, DA1 2FE, Kent, England.

• The forms of payment accepted by the website are PayPal, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

• The website was registered on July 8, 2020.

Advantages of buying on this website

• The website displays cool and trendy items.

• The website has space for reviews of Fashionnel com

Cons of buying on the website

• The website is very recent and cannot be trusted.

• There are no reviews on the products on the website.

• No social media link was found on the website.

• The email address provided is the identification of a person and not that of the company.

 Is the website considered legitimate or not?

According to our research, the website is young to determine its legitimacy, but certain things don’t add up. As if there is no social media presence on any social media platform.

The email address provided is not from the company and no legitimate website displays a person’s email; always provide the email address of a company. And the main point is that there are no reviews yet.

Fashionnel com Reviews mentions that the website is highly suspicious and has zero trust ratings.

What are people assuming about the website?

No reviews are found on the website to determine what people think about the website or if people have even bought it. The website also has no mentions on any social network.

The website is young, but not a single mention of the website has been found.


The website is gaining attention due to the unique tools and products. But there are many websites similar to this one and therefore this website cannot be trusted. Fashionnel com Reviews reveals that the website has many loopholes and cannot be trusted enough to buy anything from it.

The website does not have contact transparency provided to consumers, which has made the website seem more skeptical.

If there are still readers who are willing to give this a try, proper research is recommended before planning the purchase. We recommend that you do not opt ​​for it until there are reviews available on this website.