Fashion Nova and Afterpay Partner Up So Shoppers Spend Less

Fashion Nova has prided themselves on providing fashionable clothing at affordable prices. Whenever anyone was looking for a fashionable outfit at a price they could afford, they would turn to Fashion Nova. Whether it was an outfit for a night on the town or something stylish for an interview, shoppers always knew they could find the outfit they were after on the website. However, online shopping has recently taken a turn and more and more shoppers are looking at Buy Now, Pay Later Options. Fashion Nova is pleased to announce a partnership with Afterpay, providing shoppers with this payment offer. 

What Is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a service that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later. Instead of using a credit card, Afterpay allows users to input their personal information and then pay for an order in four equal payments. The payments are equally divided up and you only pay your first payment when you place an order. Once the first payment is made, the items are then shipped off to you. The four payments get billed to you either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the plan you select, and automatically gets taken out of your bank account or directly from the debit card you input into your Afterpay account. Currently, Afterpay works with over 100,000 companies worldwide. 

Why Do Fashion Nova Shoppers Love Afterpay? 

Fashion Nova customers are often repeat shoppers, returning to the popular fashion retailer again and again for more fresh looks and styles that match their own preferences. Customers looking for diversity in size and shape find exactly what they need at Fashion Nova. Gen X and Gen Z shoppers love both Fashion Nova and Afterpay. In fact, over 90 percent of all Afterpay transactions are completed by repeat customers

Why Is Afterpay the Perfect Partner for Fashion Nova? 

Fashion Nova has seen exponential growth, especially during the pandemic. More people are shopping online than ever before. And Fashion Nova is proud to offer fashionable clothing at affordable prices. Afterpay helps to ensure that individuals can buy items that they desire in an affordable manner. They can make payments on the items they want, all without accruing credit card debt and high interest. As such, these partners go hand-in-hand in providing their customers with an affordable shopping option. This is especially important as the holidays draw near. Customers can buy gifts for themselves, their friends and their family, and then pay those items off in four easy payments. 

Start Your Holiday Shopping Now and Take Advantage of Afterpay Through Fashion Nova

On September 23, 2021, Fashion Nova and Afterpay announced that they had partnered up. This comes just in time for the busy holiday shopping season. Currently, over 100,000 global companies are doing business with Afterpay and over 20 million individuals in the United States alone have an Afterpay account. Additionally, millions of other people in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom also have Afterpay accounts. Fashion Nova hopes to take advantage of the millions of people who love the buy now, pay later option and entice individuals to do their holiday shopping with them, now that they offer Afterpay as a payment choice.