The fashion industry never fails to impress us, constantly giving us unique and fantastic ideas to look perfect. You might have tried to wear boots with socks at the same time and yes, it looks super cool. But have you ever tried sock boots? They are exactly what the name says. They are a mixture of socks and boots that slips on like a pair of shoes. The top of the boot can be from various fabrics such as suede, leather, velvet or others. Sock boots might confuse you the first time you pick them up from the store. But they are not confusing at all! It’s all about styling these boots in a proper way. You can dress your boots up or down according to your outfit. These boots make you comfortable without a tinge of compromise on style. You do not have to struggle much to wear these boots. Simply slip them on and move ahead with your day.  

It acts as a perfect alternative to sneakers, also giving you a height boost and helping you to complete your outfit. You can wear your sock boots with almost everything- from jeans and a t-shirt to nap dresses- and everything in between. Mentioned below are some style tips on how to pair your sock boots.  

1. The Right Colour 

If you like to keep things subtle and light, go for a neutral tone pair. You can style them just like your favourite boots. Neutral sock boots are the safest when it comes to pairing them with a vibrant outfit, also it does not overpower the rest of your outfit. And if think your closet needs more neutral sock boots, shop around from online stores. You will get a huge collection of different varieties of sock boots. 

2. Pairing outfits with your sock boots 

Thinking about how and where to start with your sock boots?  Take a deep breath and grab your favourite jeans; any style will work. Pair it up with a fancy top or a blouse and a long coat. Always try to leave a small amount of space between your coat and from where your sock boots start. When in doubt, go with a head-to-toe black outfit along with your black sock boots, to give a sleek look.  

 3. Keep experimenting with your style 

Ankle sock boots are the perfect choice for styling with a mini skirt. Or you can opt for a midi dress to a three-piece suit; it is all about styling. They can go with any outfit and their look and appearance makes them even more versatile than traditional ankle boots. Apart from providing comfort, these sock boots can be worn in a variety of ways. 

Styling tips for sock boots 

A. If you are someone who loves to wear bright colour, a pair of white sock boots will surely rise your style game. 

B. Black sock boots are super versatile. Pair it with your skinny jeans and blazer for a casual Friday look. 

C. Pointed sock boots with monochrome details gives a fresh feel for the season. 

D. All black outfit can be paired with a printed sock boots and let your shoes do the rest of the talking.  

E. A block sock boots will be easier to walk in as compared to a thinner stiletto or kitten heel. 

F. Planning for a casual night out?  As we know black can never go wrong. Style your black sock boots with a cute midi skirt and a leather jacket.  

G. Sock boots with pointed toe can make your legs look longer as compared to a rounded or square toe. 

The super cool sock boots will definitely help you to make a statement. It is perfectly fitted around the ankle, making it look really chic!  And most importantly, they are light on the feet and can be easily fit into a bag. What more one could have asked for? Available in variety of shapes and sizes at online stores, pick up your favourite material. Always remember, comfort is the king of fashion. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will surely help you to upgrade your fashion game.