Factors to Consider when Selecting the Right Expansion Joint

When having your industrial systems and plants, expansion joints are essential parts. Fabric expansion joints are flexible connectors that engineers or constructors mount in the piping system. They are essential for compensating for vibration, thermal expansion, and minor misalignment when the materials move through the ductwork. Choosing the appropriate fabric expansion joint becomes a challenging task with the available options. If you’re looking for a suitable expansion joint, this article outlines factors you need to consider when choosing one.

1. Purpose of the Joint

When choosing an expansion joint, it’s vital to understand that not all joints can handle the same flexing or pressure. We’ve got some types that come with special features to move system shifts or vibrations in ventilation and piping. Other joints have unique designs and features that help them deal with the erratic fluctuations in the systems’ temperature and pressure. Importantly before deciding on the expansion joint you’re purchasing, it’ll be good to understand the purpose you intend to use it for.

2. Type of Content you’re Seeking to Transfer

The content you want to transfer is essential to consider when choosing the right fabric expansion joint. It’s good to understand that not all the joints will be appropriate for all the liquids and gasses to pass through them. Importantly, we’ve got some particular liquids and gasses that require a material with special requirements when transporting them. For example, it’ll be good to consider incorporating insulation bolsters or flow lines to protect them from abrasive media or dirt when choosing the expansion joint.

3. Temperature and Pressure

With the difference in the pressures and temperatures, it’ll be essential to choose expansion joints that can withstand the pressure and temperature that your content comes with. Significantly, selecting the appropriate expansion joint will help prevent seals from breaking or malfunctioning due to high pressure or temperatures. When choosing the best material or fabric expansion joint, it’ll be essential to consider both the external and ambient temperatures. A fabric expansion joint that comes with the best features to withstand pressure and temperature enhances the functionality and durability of the joint.

4. Installation

When choosing your expansion joint, it’ll be vital to consider the installation process of the joints. We’ve got different installation processes for the different expansion joints where you can ship those fully assembled or choose the parts and assemble them at your site. Importantly, when considering installation while purchasing your expansion joint will be good to look into the transportation factors and future maintenance. It’ll be good to choose joints that are easy to install, and you can maintain them more easily.

Final Thoughts

The fabric expansion joint offers the appropriate options for the best equipment to help relieve stress in your ducting or piping works. They’ll help you absorb thermal shock and growth, isolate any mechanical vibration and allow for vibration. However, you’ll have to choose the right fabric expansion joint to get the best results considering the design and materials. Checking the pressure, temperature, installation, and liquid or gas content will be vital to getting the suitable one for your needs.