Water Purifier
Water Purifier

Installing a water filter at home has become essential to avoid health problems. However, how many of you take the time to consider which water purifier to purchase? Today’s water purification methods include reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, and gravity-based methods (RO).

However, RO water purifiers, which employ a multi-stage filtering method to clean water, are the most widely used nowadays. The RO water purifier may survive for 8 to 10 years with proper maintenance. 

Why is RO water purifier service important?

Servicing and maintaining your water purifier is the primary and most crucial step in elongating lifespan. It can also keep you healthy. Your entire family will benefit from the water purifier’s fantastic performance and stay healthy for many years to come. RO water purifiers can withstand the test of time; hence, they have long lifespans. To make sure they function effectively, it is important to have specialists maintain them.

The water purifier filters often get clogged as it removes the impurities and sediments. Inadequate maintenance can compromise the product’s durability and functionality. This is why a water purifier requires expert assistance when cleaning all its filters. A quality RO water purifier with proper maintenance may last up to 5 to 8 years.

Here are some pointers on how to care for your water purifier so that you may always consume clean, safe water.

  • Follow The User Manual 

Every RO purifier comes with a user handbook. Every purifier comes equipped with thorough and in-depth guides that cover everything from installation guidelines to purifier operation, components, stages of purification, dos and don’ts, and maintenance tips.

A comprehensive user handbook will cover the recommended filter and cartridge replacement schedule, typical faults, and how to fix them. You can keep your water filter in top condition by acknowledging the tips.

It can also save money by preventing unnecessary visits from RO professionals. Also, you can resolve many common issues by following the manual’s instructions. Therefore, you ought to store the user manual in a secure place.

  • Maintaining the RO Membrane

Water passes through the membrane during reverse osmosis at a pressure of 35 psi. Only pure solvent may pass through the thin RO membrane, which separates the solutes from the solvent. Maintenance and frequent cleaning are crucial to guarantee that you receive clean, safe, and palatable drinking water since the RO membrane is a critical component of the water purifier system. To avoid pore blockage, replace the RO membrane every 3 to 4 months.

  • Changing the Filters

A high-quality RO water purifier goes through three to four stages of filtration. This is why you must study the water purifier’s handbook to learn how to maintain and care for it properly. RO purifiers have undergone several adjustments throughout the years. 

For example, sophisticated purifiers have “Filter-change” alerts that make it simple to know when the filters need replacement. A professional water purifier service in Indore can assist you if your water purifiers lack a filter-change indicator. 

  • Cleaning and Sanitisation

Cleaning all the RO system’s internal pipes is a crucial but sometimes disregarded aspect of doing essential maintenance on your RO system. Moving the water from one purification step to the next requires using several connecting pipes in a RO system.

The best time to clean these pipes is while the technician changes the filters. If the water remains for an extended period, the likelihood of microbial contamination is quite significant. The foul taste and smell are the earliest indications of microbial infection. Therefore, one must routinely empty a water storage tank and refill it with new water.

  • Drips And Leakages

Don’t forget to get expert assistance if you detect any drips or leaks. If you do not take proper precautions, leaks in a water purifier can cause many issues. To identify the source of the leak and prevent further damage to the equipment, get a professional to examine the water purifier in detail.

  • Annual Maintenance

Make sure you get a professional to assist you in changing the filters if you want to prevent any significant RO purifier issues. Several renowned companies offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC), a simple and practical solution to maintain the appliance.

Only when you stick to the maintenance tips will the best water purifier function at its peak. It will also help increase the lifespan of the water purifier. Top-notch after-sales services are something professional service centres offer for the comfort of their clients. So, always look for the best RO service near me in Indore for proper maintenance.