Exploring Themed Cakes For The Celebration Of Your Kid’s Birthday

Are you planning a party to celebrate your kid’s birthday? If yes, then you must look for a cake that can make your child happy. Are you confused about choosing the right cake? Don’t worry because we have the right suggestions for you. Nothing can top themed cakes for the celebration of kids’ birthdays. 

There is a wide array of themed cakes, which means you have numerous cakes to explore. Sometimes, the availability of many options can confuse you, but we can help you in this situation. We have compiled a list of the top themed cakes that can make kids jump on their feet, so let us explore them.

1] Dog Lover Fondant Cake

Kids are very sensitive towards animals like dogs, cats, and monkeys. If you have a dog in your home, then you must know how friendly and loyal a dog can be. This reason makes the dog-lover fondant cake one of the best choices to celebrate your kid’s birthday. The cake is coated with green whipped cream and decorated with flowers that are made from fondant. A dog character is placed on the top, which is the prime attraction of this cake.

2] Colourful Car Fondant Cake

Colourful car fondant cake is one of the perfect options to order birthday cake for kids. Your kid will be amazed to see the fondant characters that are used to decorate this cake. This cake features flowers, snow, trees, and sun around the sides. 

A sugar sheet with many cars is also pasted around the sides, along with a beautiful red car on the top. If your kid is interested in drawing, then he/she must have made paintings of sun, snow and trees and seeing these characters on the cake will be special for him/her.

3] Elsa Wonderland Cake

Elsa is a lovable character in the animated movie Frozen, and she is not only liked by kids but also grownups. Elsa Frozen Wonderland cake can be a wonderful surprise for your kid. It will also impress other kids who will attend the celebration of your kid’s birthday. Floral design around the sides and a beautiful character of Elsa on the top make this cake very special.

4] Tom And Jerry Themed Cake

Do you want to order an iconic cartoon cake? Look no further than Tom and Jerry Adventure fondant cake. Tom and Jerry are the most popular characters on television, and they are relieving the stress of people for decades. 

Seeing these characters on a cake will provide your kid with an enormous amount of happiness. Jerry is placed on the top with a hammer in one hand and a piece of cheese in another hand. Tom is featured on the front of this cake and is taking his tongue out to bring a smile to people’s faces.

5] Harry Potter Dobby Fondant Cake

Harry Potter Dobby fondant cake can make your kid’s birthday celebration magical. The cake is made in a round shape and coated with red and yellow cream. The main attraction of this cake is Dobby, the famous character from the Harry Potter movie, who is placed on the top of this cake.

6] The Ultimate Pubg Fondant Cake

Does your kid love playing video games like others? Nowadays, not only kids but also grownups are fond of playing video games, and Pubg is the most popular video game. Bring the ultimate Pubg fondant cake to the party and see the reaction of your kid and other guests. This square-shaped cake looks like a backpack over which there is a gun, grenade, and some other equipment that is made from fondants.

7] Two-Tier DC Superhero Fondant Cake

Is your kid a fan of DC superheroes? If yes, then a two-tier DC superhero fondant cake is the best choice. You can order this superhero cake with the convenience of Flower Aura’s cake delivery in Pune and nearby cities and surprise your kid. The lower tier of this cake is coated with black cream with a symbol of Batman, while the upper tier is coated with blue cream with a symbol of Superman.

8] Doraemon Fantasy Land Cake

Since we are talking about cartoons, how can we miss Doraemon? Everyone wants a friend like Doraemon in their life, but it is not possible because he is a fictional character. Well, you don’t have to bring real Doraemon to the house; just a Doraemon fantasy land cake is enough to bring a smile to your kid’s face. The top of the cake is adorned with blue and white cream that really looks like a fantasy land, and the Doraemon character on the top makes it even better.


Kids are special, and if you do something special for them, then seeing their happiness is very special. Kids wait for their birthday because they know that they will get many gifts and special cakes to celebrate their birthday. Themed cakes are the best options for celebrating kids’ birthdays. We have suggested some of the top themed cakes in this article, from which you can choose the best one. Think about the likes and dislikes of your kid and order a cake that can suit his/her taste and style.