In statistics, truck driving accidents are not as many as car accidents, but the consequences of one are very horrible. Trucks include big rigs, modest-sized trucks, and semi-trucks, also mobile home trucks. In truck driving accidents, heavy momentums and speed over expressways create horrible wrecks and injuries to the victims.

In South Carolina, truck driving accidents and claims to the insurance companies are common, but there is a lot of stress in the process. A truck accident aftermath includes a dangerously injured victim and financial loss to both the trucking company and the victim itself.

In collecting claims, and if your insurance provider is one who doesn’t care much, this becomes a stressful and depressing situation. In this case, a truck accident lawyer helps you very much, shouldering your burden over to himself. You can find South Carolina truck accident lawyers for you if you have been recently involved in such an accident.

A truck accident attorney files a claim or lawsuit for you to get compensated for your loss. He also brings settlements to a reasonable end, and if this doesn’t happen, he fights for your damages in court.

In this blog, we guide you about trucking insurance, your insurance claims, and settlement procedures.

A Guide for Truck Accident Victims

Once you have got a truck accident lawyer for you, act upon his advice. Do not ever talk to your matters except to your truck accident attorney. You should limit your channels of communication to your lawyer.

When the accident occurs, file a police report, get to a physician as soon as possible, and let your attorney know about the accident. Note every detail involved in the accident and forward it to your lawyer.

Your attorney will file a claim with the insurance company, so you must let him know about the extent of the damages. Clearly state in your claim about your injuries, your vehicle damages, and others, if there are any. This will clear your stance and the settlement amount you need from your insurer.

We will take a quick look at your compensation and the procedure you can take to get your damages to be recovered.

Settlement With the Insurance Company

Do not be late in filing your claims to your insurance provider after an accident. Let your attorney begin the process and never agree on the first settlement offer. If your insurer denies or sticks to a small settlement amount that is lesser than your damages, file a lawsuit for your compensation as soon as possible.

When filing a lawsuit, you must prove the fault of the other party so the insurance company must pay for damages. Help your attorney collect evidence of the negligence of the faulty party. You must have to provide the evidence of fault and liability that the at-fault party holds so the other party is responsible for compensating your damages.

In court, if your claim is approved, you can get compensated for whatever you bear in economic and non-economic damages. Following is the list with details of your compensations that are commonly given to truck accident victims.

Medical Care Costs

Your medical care past the accident will be compensated by the court if the liable party is held responsible. This medical cost includes your present medical care billing and future until you get fit to return to work.

Your attorney must argue about the medical care expenses, as once you are awarded and funds run out in the future, you can not claim again. So, you must have a reasonable amount for your healthcare.

Property Damage Compensation

The court will also entitle you to compensation for your property damage, such as your vehicle wreck and its repair costs. This amount must be enough for your vehicle to be repaired.

Lost Wages Compensation

You can also sue for your lost wages due to the incapacity of going to work in the aftermath of an accident. The court awards the lost wages compensation for you equal to the period of your expected recovery as said by the physician.

Injuries Compensation

You can also sue for the injuries you have to bear due to the negligence of the other party. The court will award this compensation on the basis of the extent of injuries and the severity of your physical condition following the accident. The guilt party is held responsible for this compensation.

Incapacity of Future Earning Compensation

If you bear a loss of future incapacity of work due to a temporary or permanent disability caused by the accident, you can also sue for your incapacity of work and future lost earnings.

This is done on the basis of the extent of the injury and if you are capable of any work or not in the future.

Pain and Suffering Damages

You can and must sue for the pain and suffering you have to get through due to the liability of the other party. This compensation is also entitled on the basis of your injuries’ severity and the extent of damage your body tolerated.

Emotional Damages

A truck accident victim can also sue for the emotional damage to his family and his mental condition, followed by the trauma of the accident. This includes the counseling charges if your mind could not tolerate the trauma accident caused and you were asked to have counseling by the physician.


In a truck accident, the extent of damage, suffering, and injuries is much higher. You need to be compensated for your loss and the pain your family has to get through. While you are a victim and want to be compensated for your damages, this process of filing a lawsuit to get what you deserve is very tough.

Therefore, in this scenario, having a truck accident attorney is very helpful. This makes you feel less burdened and makes your medical care more effective if your mind is less stressed. A truck accident lawyer can not bring you back to the healthy life you had before the accident but helps you very much to get compensated for the life you will have ahead.