Experience Different Card Games With Spartan Poker And GetMega

Online gaming platforms that offer real money rewards are gaining popularity among the masses with every passing day. However, there are certain things to consider and keep in mind before participating in various gaming platforms. The legitimacy, safety and security, user interface, and overall gaming experience are certain examples.

Beware of fraudulent gaming platforms making false claims and scamming innocent individuals online. 

Spartan Poker And GetMega are two such online gaming platforms that are becoming popular choices amongst players who enjoy playing games like poker, carrom, trivial and more.

Rewards and Benefits in Spartan Poker And GetMega: A Closer Look

Presented below are a closer look into the various aspects and overall gaming experience one can enjoy in Spartan Poker And GetMega.

Types of Games Available

As the name suggests, Spartan Poker has quite a few options for games only in the Poker category. Texas Holdem which is an organized sport is a recent development in Indian territory and in comparison to the rest of the options present is quickly becoming the most popular choice. Apart from this, Chinese poker, Omaha poker, 5 Card Omaha, and 6 Card Omaha are the other poker games available to play on Spartan Poker.

GetMega offers a variety of games to its players in three different categories. Namely, Cards, Casual, and Trivia. Hold’em Poker and Rummy are two card game options available. Carrom, GoPool, Dots, and Dash are a few amongst other games available in the casual category. Lastly, 123, PicMe, and GK are three prominent games available to play and earn through in the Trivia games category.

Leaderboard Rankings

The Spartan Poker leaderboard signifies the various rankings of the players playing on the website. The scoreboard is based on not only just winning but also tasks. A player can still have the chance of being at the top ranks on the Spartan Pokerleaderboard based on their playing percentage. This is possible even when the player does not win every game.

24*7 leaderboards are set in place for certain games falling under the Card and Casual categories in GetMega. It includes games like Hold’em Poker, Rummy, Carrom, and GoPool. GetMega leaderboards are also winning as well as task-based. Players have the chance to top the leaderboards by winning or even simply playing.

Players whose ranks are up to the 10th position can get the opportunity to win leaderboard prizes. The entry to the leaderboards is both free as well as paid, it depends on the kind of leaderboard that is being chosen by the player. Participating players can get a chance to win up to 100,000 every week and also get exciting prizes like gadgets and gold coins. The GetMega leaderboards are hourly, also called flash leaderboards, daily, weekly basis and monthly basis.

User Interface

Priorly known to having an overall average UI (User Interface), Spartan Poker is still a very big and popular name in the world of card gaming. However, with the growing popularity of the poker game Texas Holdem in India, Spartan Pokeris also gaining more players because of it in other poker games as well. This has resulted in the gaming platform’s developers and designers to up their standard of the user interface experienced by players. Now their UI is aiming to be more user-friendly and seamless which makes it satisfactory to experience.

The GetMega user interface is clean, simple, and user-friendly. It is quite intuitive and makes it very easy for players to interact with the gaming app and win real cash rewards. The app has both horizontal and vertical gameplay experiences to enhance the feel and experience of the gaming process. Hold’em Poker has vertical gameplay whereas Rummy, the other card game in GetMega has horizontal gameplay. The main aim is to make gaming more enjoyable and easy to play. The more they play the more they earn rewards.

Real And Authentic Players

Spartan Poker takes the authenticity of its players as a very serious matter. It only allows real and verified players to participate in its games. Spartan Poker has put an identity check system in place to ensure the authenticity and validity of the government-certified identifications of the players.

GetMega only allows real players to be a participant in its games. It accepts no bots and features only skill-based games that have no involvement of guessing, gambling, or luck to play. The players are verified using mobile phone numbers and their Facebook profiles and photos.

Audio-Video Feature

Spartan Poker has no such audio-video feature available on it.

GetMega is currently the only gaming platform in India that has the new audio-video feature. This video-chat mode is available in more than 8 games available to play on the app. This feature makes the whole gaming experience more of a delight with family and friends. It is imperative that players ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the claims and promises the gaming platforms are making before becoming a part of the said platform. Check website, reviews, and online ratings before you start playing on an online real money gaming platform.