Expect to see these hair accessories everywhere in 2022

As we enter the new year, we feel a renewed energy in the air. Each January is refreshing because it sets a jump-start in fashion and beauty tendencies. You’re probably planning a closet update to remove last season clothes and replace them with trendy ones. But there’s another category that you should also update each year, hair accessories. After you edit the closet, look for hair accessories that match your style and can help you bring fashionable looks to life. 

In 2022 we predict that hair accessories are going to be huge. Some already started taking off in 2021, and others are just beginning to heat up, so you should check the latest trends so as not to miss any of them. Which ones do you feel more comfortable wearing? 

Let’s see what it’s in the market for hair accessories in 2022

Organza scrunchies

Oversize scrunchies were trending in 2021, but it looks like delicate ones made from sheer fabrics like organza will take the stage in 2022. We love scrunchies in pastel colours that are almost transparent and feature shiny accessories and details. However, if you don’t like pastel colours, you can find scrunchies in all colours. If you want, you can even craft them at home if you have a sewing machine and the necessary supplies. 

Scrunchies are fashionable and functional, and you can wear them anywhere. And because they require straight stitching, you can sew them at home. You need a small piece of fabric, or you can even use a wide strip of ribbon. You can purchase organza ribbon online. Besides the fabric, you also need some wide flat elastic, matching thread, and a couple of tools to cut and shape the scrunchie. Here is everything you need to know about crafting your own scrunchie

Furry bucket hats

Winter is still here, so you may be looking for some hair accessories that keep you warm and protect your head from cold and wind. I don’t know if you need to hear this, but faux fur will always be in trend, especially when used to create fashionable items like hair accessories. Furry bucket hats were quite popular in the 90s and have made a comeback in 2021. However, we expect them to be a hit in 2022, especially during the cold months because they are chic and keep you warm. 

You need no other reason to integrate furry bucket hats into your outfits. Just search on Pinterest to see what kind of impact they have on looks. 

Beaded headbands

Every year a new beaded accessory makes its way into the running for most popular hair adornments. In 2022, beaded headbands are the stars of hair accessories as they can easily level up any outfit. We love bands with intricate patterns made of beads of different textures, sizes, and colours. You can find tons of beaded headbands in any model, style, and colour, so you can pick the ones that suit your clothing style. 

Besides beaded headbands, you can also wear ones made from fabrics and accessorised with pearls, crystals, jewellery, or rhinestones. We love braided headbands because they bring an elegant touch to an outfit. Depending on what look you want to achieve, you can find a matching headband for every outfit. 

Wild West hats

You’ve probably seen these hats everywhere over the internet because celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Solange Knowels are huge fans. If you want to sport chic cowboy outfits, wearing these hats can help. You’ve seen similar hats in the past, but these models look more like those cowboys wore in the Wild West. 

Pinterest predicts a sub trend inspired by the wide-brimmed hats presented above, goth cowboy hats. It looks like goth hair accessories will take off in 2022, and cowboy hats will be the first to go through the change in style. It seems like the search terms have already started to soar over the last weeks, so it makes total sense to present these hats. Cowboy hats are big, dark, mysterious and can transform a look entirely

Mini jaw clips

The year 1997 called and asked us to send its beloved hair accessories back, but we cannot part with them when they’re so cute. Even if some don’t really like or understand this trend, we expect everyone to be in a torrid entanglement with these teeny-tiny clips as they can be used to adorn any hairstyle. You can add them at the base of a front twist or sprinkle them through your locks in a reckless way. 

Some of you may say you had enough claw clips and don’t want to see another but hear us out. These mini clips are adorable when you pair them with beach waves. Get a set while they’re hot, and experiment with multiple styles until you find the ones you like the most. 

XL clips

If you look back throughout the years, you’ll notice that the clips keep getting bigger. What should we expect from next year? The truth is that we don’t know how big clips will be in 2023, but we do how they look in 2022. This year designers promote supersized and adorned with pearls, rhinestones, and other cute embellishments. 

2022 is all about pearls (pearl necklaces are pretty popular among both men and women), so don’t be surprised to see them adorning XL hair clips. We’ve seen the clips with countless combinations of gems over the years, but 2022 will most likely promote accessories featuring pearls.

Another interesting category of clips that makes its way into the list of hair accessories people wear in 2022 is matching BFF clips. The trend isn’t super specific on how accessories should look, but it encourages BFFs to wear matching clips. They can feature each other’s names, complementary colours, similar gems, or be part of the same collection. As long as people can tell they’re supposed to match, you can let your creativity run wild.  

The hair trends presented aren’t the only ones to keep an eye on in 2022, and there are many others you can try.