How To Write The Exemplification Essay Easily?

Just the word “exemplification” might have scared you even before you could decide whether to attempt it or not. But let us assure you that this long word has a very simple meaning. This essay is as simple as attempting essays of other types. Let’s find out what exactly this essay means.

An exemplification essay is like an argumentative essay where you prove your thesis or arguments by giving examples. We believe that if you have an idea or concept to explain then using examples is one of the best ways.

Today we will discuss how an exemplification essay is written in a few simple steps

Step 1: Choose a topic and start with the research

This is a simple thing; to begin with, i.e. choose a topic you like. It’s important that you should find the topic interesting because not only your knowledge will matter but also without interest you will find it difficult to keep up with the research work. You may look up online “who can write my essay?” in case you feel that essay writing is not for you.

Step 2: Find examples to quote and prepare an outline

This is where your focus should lie i.e. in determining which examples to include. Make sure the examples are relevant and explain your concept in the best way possible. You must quote the reference from where you have picked the example until and unless it’s original.

Step 3: Write the essay: Introduction | Main body | conclusion

Now that you have your research and examples in place start writing content for each of your sections. The introduction & conclusion is precise and around 100 words. The middle body of 3 paragraphs includes a total of 300 words where most of your examples will be included to support your idea.

Step 4: Edit and proofread your work

This means you have to polish your work by checking it for a grammar error. Make sure there are no traces of plagiarism as the consequences of submitting copied content are pretty harsh.


After reading the simple steps of how to write an exemplification essay we hope you don’t feel scared of this essay type. Just follow the instruction given by the institute and read our suggestions before attempting your essay. The only way to deliver high-quality work is by citing great examples for your idea.