Examples Of Private Vs. Public Cord Blood Banks In Dubai

Blood banks are the life savior for all of us. We do not think of donating blood until we experience something critical in our life. Blood donation is a very useful process to help thousands of patients with the problem they are in.

This article is all about health and blood banks. There is nothing more important than health in your life. Without a healthy condition of our body, we will not be able to do our work properly. This is not just about the health conditions but also about the family that you take care of. 

Without your presence, there will be no one to take responsibility for in the future. So it is your responsibility to take care of your health and also of your family. In that case, you will have to think differently and think about cord blood banking. 

What Is Cord Blood Banking? 

Cord blood banking is a very crucial step to secure your and your child’s future. There is nothing more vulnerable than not being able to get the necessary blood for operations and other health purposes. Cord blood comes from the umbilical cord of the baby, which remains connected to the placenta of the mother, who is going to give birth to a new baby. The cord is cut when the baby is out, and then those blood cells are collected and stored in the blood banks. This whole preservation process is safe and does not affect the mother or the baby. Blood banks in Dubai have two types, and those are private blood banks and public blood banks. 

Difference Between Private And Public Cord Blood Banks

After we understand the concept of cord blood banking, we have to know the difference between a private and a public blood bank. Private blood banks are preferred by most parents as they know that if they keep their baby’s cord blood, they will be able to use it in the future for their own family purposes. To secure this process, they have to pay the collection and storage fees in the private blood bank. On the other hand, public blood banks are free to donate your baby’s cord blood. But there is no surety that you are going to use the same blood cells in the future for your family purposes. Moreover, the public cord blood banks follow strict FDA regulations and blood quality before getting cord blood from you. 

Examples Of Private Cord Blood Bankings In Dubai

Let’s focus on some popular private cord blood banks in Dubai. Dubai is a place of hope and thus for health as well. We will find many private cord blood banks in Dubai which are operating uniquely. 

1. Cellsave Arabia

Cellsave Arabia is a private cord blood bank situated in Dubai. Since 2006, this privately owned cord blood bank has stored cord blood from almost 350000 children, and they also have more than 250 medical experts to help you out with the policies and procedures.  

2. Cryo-Save

This private cord blood bank is also situated in Dubai and also operates in Belgium as well. They have many collection offices, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, UAE, et cetera. After 2019, it will be owned by CSG-BIO and is leading the market of cord blood in Dubai. It costs about AED 280 per session.

3. Cryoviva Uae

Cryoviva UAE can provide you the lifetime opportunity of storing your baby’s cord blood to serve your own health purposes in the future. This is the pioneer of Stem cell banking which has an inventory of over 2 lakh parents all over the world. 

Example Of Public Cord Blood Bankings In Dubai

Last but not least, among various private cord blood banks in Dubai, there is only one prominent public blood bank left to talk about in Dubai, and that is DCRC. The Dubai Cord Blood & Research Center (DCRC) is also a hybrid blood bank that considers Dubai for both its storage location and collection that explains why this procedure is a good idea.

It is considered histocompatibility and dual cord blood laboratory. It is also the only government entity in the place for typing tests of Human Leukocyte Antigen tissue. 

Go For Your Choice

Your favorite blood bank can be the life savior for your family. If you have some charity concerns, you might find the public cord blood bank useful. No matter what your choice is, a cord blood bank is very useful for mitigating so many critical health conditions, including cancers. 

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