Exactly What You Need to Know When Going for Stretched Piercing

Improving beauty is a personal choice. Many people have unique preferences for maintaining beauty. Similarly, beauty points differ between people, hence why someone would consider accessorizing different body types. Getting your ears stretched is one of the ways to improve beauty by testing the hole in your lobe to the desired circumference. Besides, gauging your ear lobes differs from ear piercing as it takes time to achieve the desired size. Remember that the area needs patience to heal and give you the desired look. Read on to find out what to consider when going to gauge your ears:

  1. It’s Possible to Repair the Gauged Earlobes

Stretching ear lobes is a process you can undo to regain the original size of your ear. Similarly, you can reconstruct your lobes by stitching up your ear lobe with plastic surgeries. When thinking of rebuilding the ear, it would be best to visit a professional who will guide you through the process. Moreover, you can inquire from other people about the best clinic to reconstruct your stretched ear while comparing their prices.

  1. The Stretches are at Intervals

When opting for gauging, remember the stretch will take time to heal as you will need breaks for the muscles to recover before further stretching. Similarly, the intervals prevent tearing the tissues as some parts heal when you go for second or third stretches. The beautician will guide you on what to do to the stretched lobe for faster healing as you wait for other spaces. Besides, taking time allows the ear lobe to heal evenly. Also, at every stretching session, you will get an EAR GAUGES of a different size to increase the hole size. 

  1. You Can Get Tissue Scar

If the stretching is at close intervals, you may get a tear in the tissues. Besides, temporary tears can cause discomfort, preventing you from carrying out your routine activities. However, if the tears happen regularly, you can end up with scar tissue which will affect your future stretches. The scars may challenge your recovery even if you opt for surgeries to build your ear lobes. In addition, the scar tissues prevent your skin from shrinking faster than expected when you feel like backing off from stretching.

  1. Look Out for Pain While Stretching

Stretching the ear lobe needs to feel like a bit of pressure. When you feel pain while pulling, you may be damaging the tissues. Similarly, pain also symbolizes stretching too quickly, damaging the tissues. It will be best if you follow the schedule of the beautician on the interval of stretching. You can also read on the internet to find the suitable gap between stretches so you can know the return date for the next gauge.

There are a variety of decorations you can do for your ears apart from piercing them. Do you know you can stretch your ears using an EAR GAUGES to add beauty? The stretching is done by a professional to increase the size of your ear lobe, and the most significant part is that you can reverse the stretching process if you get bored.