Everything You Need To Know About The Pros And Cons Of Being A Graphic Designer

Graphic designing can be seen as the visual design and layout of communications materials, such as logos, documents, signs, brochures, etc.

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 A graphic designer is known to be an artist who creates images for a specific purpose, for example, web design or advertising.

These visual communicators often pass information through product packaging, posters, billboard, logos, etc.

Graphic designing is all about the representation of creative ideas or concepts through digital and print media, which includes a combination of arts and technologies(computer software) 

On this note, I will share with you all the pros and cons of being a graphic designer in your quest to choose it as a career path.

The pros of being a graphic designer 

Showcasing personal creativity

It’s a field that requires exceptional creativity by showing clients eye-catching concepts and design that makes your work different from your counterparts in the industry.

It allows you to work at a distance. 

Graphic designing can be classified as one of those work-from-home kinds of jobs.

All you have to do is to acquire the essential tools, for instance, creative software, desktop computer, color space reference, graphic tablet, etc. And you’re good to go. When it comes to flexibility and time management, graphic designers are privileged.

It assures solid financial income.

The aim of every business or career venture is to make money. Being a graphic designer guarantees at least earning five to seven figures every month. Some are opportune to work as freelance graphic designers by selling digital products online, offering a service, etc. Sure earns extra cash.

A great chance of becoming self-employed 

Choosing and being in control of your workload as a graphic designer allows you to own private businesses. Unlike an office setting, you must adhere to their tight schedule. 

It makes you feel accomplished.

Coming across what you designed brings about a sense of self-fulfillment followed by pride in a well-done job. Your work can be showcased on the billboard, posters, logos, flyers, etc.

Cons of being a graphic designer

Meeting client’s deadline

Trying to meet up with clients’ demands is mentally and physically exhausting. Due to the pressure put on them, it’s sometimes difficult to deliver a good job.

Time spent on the computer 

Hours spent behind the computer system can cause health issues. For example, becoming overweight or having excruciating back pain.

 Performing task alone

As a graphic designer, the only interaction that occurs is just between clients to decide on design preferences and other things. All other tasks are to be done single-handedly.

Satisfying client’s needs first.

As a career path, you must put your customers’ preferences first because they’re the main factor in the business. 

Sometimes while trying to meet your client’s demands, the chance of you displaying what you know as a graphic designer becomes poor.

Low chance of promotion 

It’s a source of livelihood with limited opportunities for self-advancement. Graphic designers working in companies spend years without getting promoted. The only consolation is the occasional increase in salary.