Tea Bag Packaging

A teabag is a small porous bag that is used to steep tea. They basically come in two forms. One is the sealed tea bag that has tea leaves filled in it while the other is the open and empty bag that is filled by the drinker. Some of the companies also attach a string to the tea bag packaging.

This makes the process of removing the tea bag easy and tidy. Whereas there are also brands that promote their brand name or flavour of the tea by attaching a small paper with content on the other side of the string.

Popularity of Tea Bags

There are many tea connoisseurs who believe that tea tastes better when it is allowed to infuse freely but even then tea bags are widely popular around the world.

98% Australian Tea Companies make use of tea bags and the remaining 2% is for open tea leaves. Initially tea bags were more liked by the people of Australia. And the reason behind such an enormous popularity is the fact that Austarlians love everything that saves their time and effort.

Common Uses of Tea Bags

As you might guess, tea bag packaging is usually done for easing out the process of tea drinking. Once the tea leaves are in a bag, the infusion becomes easy and limited.

If the tea leaves are free, one can not understand the amount needed for a cup or two for tea. But with a bag, tea can be taken in the correct and required quantity only. Here are a few more uses of tea bags.

  • For removing under eye dark circles.
  • Scenting spaces at the workplace or home.
  • Cooking.
  • For making infusions other than traditional teas.

Shapes of Tea Bags

Since the day tea bags came into the world, there have been many innovations made. Earlier tea bags had a sack-like structure. After a few years, people gave it a flat and rectangular shape.

And then in the 1950s, Lipton invented Flo Thru tea bags. These bags were multi dimensional in shape. They gave a proper space to the tea leaves for getting infused.

As we hopped onto the modern age, many different kinds of tea bag packaging became popular. Round tea bags, pyramid tea bags, stick like tubes etc are few of the renowned tea bags that still prevail in the markets.

Though few people are quite particular about the tea bags shape, research has shown that shape doesn’t really matter for the process of infusion.

It all depends on the size of the tea bag and the room a bag provides to the tea leaves. For example pyramid tea bags are much better than round and square bags as they leave more room for infusion. 

Final Words

This shows that no matter what kind of tea you drink with a tea bag, organic herbal tea or basic, it is the size of the tea bag that will give you a better flavour. So the next time you step out to buy tea, make sure you purchase 3D tea bags.