Everything you need to know about some of the best non uk based casinos

The https://theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2022/05/the-online-gambling-industry-is-to-reach-565-billion/ with more and more people choosing to have some form of online gambling account. Whether it be bingo, online sports betting, poker or something else many of us are turning to online casinos as a viable form of entertainment.

Whilst in the UK we are incredibly lucky to have some of the world’s best online casinos to play with, there are several non uk casino sites that UK players can choose to play with that are just as good. 

Some of these casinos won’t be as well known as casinos operated by the likes of Betfair and William Hill but can still be excellent alternatives. Here we explore everything you need to know by playing with a non UK based casino.


The majority of UK casinos are covered by British licences and are recognised by British gaming authorities. This means that these casinos are reputable and will be safe to play with. Whilst many non UK casino sites won’t be covered by the same UK licensing laws, this doesn’t mean they won’t be safe, as many non UK alternatives will have their own licences from other regions. These licences are in place to protect players and these sites should be more than safe to play with.

Payment methods 

As a way to avoid problem gambling, the UK government has banned any UK casino or sportsbook from accepting credit card payments. Non UK casino sites won’t be covered by these same laws, meaning that it’s likely that players will be able to use credit cards to gamble. Non UK based casinos can sometimes be more flexible when it comes to accepting crypto payments – before choosing any non UK based casino, just ensure that the payment methods the casino accepts are methods that you are comfortable using.

Gamstop restrictions 

For those who feel gambling is becoming a problem, the vast majority of UK gambling establishments will be affiliated with Gamstop. Gamstop is a site that supports self exclusion and can effectively stop a person gambling with any recognised Gamstop casino or sportsbook. Non UK casinos won’t be able to take advantage of this as Gamstop is strictly for the UK. 

However, there are several casinos outside of the UK that take the issue of player welfare incredibly seriously. Sites such as Vegas Wild, Royal Oak Casino and Lady Luck all have tools that you can use to keep any gambling habits in check should a player ever feel the need to use them.

Welcome offers and bonuses

UK players can often take advantage of an array of welcome offers and bonuses that many of the top UK casinos offer. These offers can sometimes reflect superb value for money – and the same can be said with some non UK based casinos.

There are new sites cropping up all over the world and if the gambling site allows UK based players to register and play with them, these new players should also be able take advantage of any welcome offers that the site chooses to run.