How to deposit with Jun88 

Deposit is the first step you need to take to be able to play betting at the Jun88 bookmaker.

Currently, the Jun88 bookie supports most of the popular banks in Vietnam: TPBank, Vietcombank, VPBank, Sacombank and top reputable financial institutions such as F88, FE Credit, Home Credit … and other types of e-wallet.

It will take about 1-2 minutes to make your deposit. Please read carefully the Jun88 deposit methods as follows:

  • Log in your account, go to the “Profile” section and select “Deposit”
  • At the “Deposit” interface, please choose the appropriate form of deposit (bank account, e-wallet….)
  • Fill in the necessary information and the amount to deposit as needed.
  • Click “Finish” to finish your deposit process. Within 1-2 minutes, the system will send a SMS to your phone to confirm that your top-up transaction has been successful.

How to withdraw money with Jun88

The types of online betting that nhà cái uy tín Jun88 offers nowadays are all distributed immediately after the end of each bet. To withdraw money at Jun88, players must do as followed:

  • In the “Account profile” section, choose “withdraw money”
  • Choose button “buy money transfer” to transfer your budget from sub account to main account.
  • Fill in the correct amount to transfer and enter all necessary information
  • Click “Complete” to finish your Jun88 withdrawal.

Once completed, the server system will send an OTP to confirm your request of transferring money from the secondary account to the main account. When you have enterred the OTP code correctly to verify the transaction, everything will be done.

Extremely attractive promotions that the Jun88 dealer offers to players

  • Refund up to 1.2%
  • 100% discount on deposits for the first time of Jun88 deposit transactions
  • Discount 3% for customers who playing online lottery
  • Receive 50% off on prime deposit in golden hours 
  • Discount 5% per deposit (unlimited)
  • Jun88 daily promotions for continuous wins or consecutive losses
  • Daily attendance offers

And many other promotions will be updated regularly at Jun88 promotions menu.

Guide to registration of the Jun88 dealer

Signing up for an account to become a member of the Jun88 bookie is extremely simple and not as difficult as you think. You can join all the games at anytime, anywhere as long as you have a smart device that is connected to the internet. Cá cược thể thao Jun88

Conditions for approved account registration

Requirement of age: the Jun88 bookmaker emphasizes humanity and completely refuses to provide games and transactions with players who are currently under 18 years old. Therefore, in the process of registering the Jun88 bookie, you will have to provide information and photos of your ID card to verify your account. In case you cannot prove that you are 18 years old or older, you will not be able to create a member account.

Have at least 1 bank account: This is the bank account you will use for withdrawal/deposit during betting on Jun88 portal. Please note that your bank account information will be extremely important and must be secured. You need to provide correct account number to ensure that the future withdraw/deposit transactions will not go wrong. Be careful because you will not be able to change your account number once you have completed the membership registration setup. So, always remember to enter the correct information for your account number.

Phone number: To ensure the security of the transactions performed by players on the Jun88 website, you need to have at least 1 phone number for OTP authentication for each login/payment transaction .The OTP verification step is necessary to avoid having your account hacked and your bank card exposed.

Jun88 registration instructions

Step 1: Go to the website of the Jun88 bookmaker. Please beware of fake websites which can easily mimic the interface of Jun88 portal. When clicking on those, there is a high chance that your information will be hacked. Therefore, players need to check the legitimation of Jun88 link carefully.

Step 2: At the registration interface, please enter all personal information as required. Then press the button “Register”.

Tải app Jun88 về điện thoại Android và iOS nhanh nhấtJust after these few simple steps, you have completed the account registration process on the Jun88 bookie.

Notices when creating a Jun88 registration account

The account must be created by the owner himself. The Jun88 bookie prohibits any registration of accounts on behalf of others. All activities on the website are recorded and the account holder will be solely responsible for these activities. The Jun88 bookmaker will take steps to verify the identity of the owner since he registered the account.

For each phone number, only 1 account will be created. After completing the account registration at the Jun88 link, the player’s profile will be saved on the server. The AI ​​system will scan 24/24 to detect accounts with the same information. This system will automatically lock down any impostor account while contacting the main account to confirm information.

Đăng ký tài khoản Jun88 đơn giảnInformation is not allowed between any accounts. Therefore, when making account registration, players must be very careful and provide accurate information without any error. In case the information is wrong, players must send a request to change their profile information to the system and then an OTP code will be returned to their phone number. After receiving the code, players must enter the OTP to change the information as desired.

[FAQ] Frequently asked questions about Jun88

When players learn about the Jun88 bookmaker, they often ask questions about this platform as follows:

Is Jun88 reputable? Is the Jun88 bookie a scam?

Is it legal to play betting at Jun88? Jun88 is a reputable bookmaker and definitely not a scam. We can fully confirm this because Jun88 is a legal betting platform and operates under the protection of the law. When playing at the dealer, you will never have the problem of being cheated, cheated or arrested.

Nạp tiền nhà cái Jun88It has been reported that the scammer dealer is just a slight slander of Jun88. These are mostly rumors coming from competitors of the bookie.

Is it safe to play betting at Jun88?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Jun88 is how safe and secure the bookmaker is. Of course about this problem, you can be completely assured that Jun88 will never disclose personal information of customers to any company.

In addition, for transaction information, the Jun88 bookmaker also requests associated banks, transfer agents and corporate partners. They will keep all customer transaction details confidential. Besides, all deposits or withdrawals will be treated as trading accounts and will not be passed on to others.

Is real name required when registering for Jun88 membership?

For security reasons, players must enter their real name when registering as a member of the platform. Because of the fact that the dealer will consider whether the player’s account name match with the bank’s account name or not. If it is correct, you can make transactions at Jun88.

What should I do if I forget Jun88’s password?

In case of forgotting your password, please click on the member login entry. Then, click on the forget password button. Continue to press OK and access the email, click the link sent to your email reset a new password. After that, you can use the new password to log into the bookmaker.

Which card game is the hottest in Jun88?

Jun88 owns a wide range of popular gambling card games with many different types of bets and attractive payout rates. Among them, there are the hottest game titles such as Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, …
Is it possible to play a trial before placing a bet at Jun88?

One of the other frequently asked questions by players is whether to play a trial before placing a bet. In order to support players, the Jun88 casino always give the players a wholehearted guide before playing.

In particular, there are detailed operations to be performed in each game. On the other hand, the website also has many articles on how to play, the rules of the game for players to research. Therefore, they can completely learn and participate in playing some tutorial games before get into real battle.


Our article has fully shared information about the Jun88 bookmaker. We hope that this will be useful information to help you get the best overview of Jun88. We wish you to have a lot of useful experiences and make real money from Jun88 platform.