Everything you need to know about International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

It is an annual festival in Oberhausen, Germany. It was founded in 1984 by Dutch filmmaker Ellen de Waard and is the oldest festival dedicated exclusively to short films. It has been going on for over 30 years. The festival’s goal is to make short films accessible to a wider audience and to promote the art of film-making. The festival provides a forum for new talents, encourages young filmmakers, and highlights the best productions of established directors.

1.It is a Non-Profit Organization

It is a non-profit organization supported mainly by public and institutional funding. It has no political, commercial, or ideological affiliations. Also, it usually doesn’t receive any funding from the industry. The festival is supported mainly by public and institutional funding, which is mainly in the form of grants and sponsorships.

2.It is a Non-Competitive Festival

It is a non-competitive festival that presents films worldwide. It is not a competition festival, and it doesn’t have any jury. There are no prizes, no competitions, and no prizes.

3.It is an International Festival

This film festival  presents both independent and international feature-length films and short and student films. The programming includes world cinema, documentaries, animations, avant-garde, experimental works, and new talents.

4.The Programming Includes Shorts From All Over the World

The programming includes a wide range of films from all over the world, which can be shown in their original language or dubbed into German. It is, therefore, possible to see a film from a country like Japan, which may be quite hard to find at other festivals.

5.The Films are Screened in the Cinema and Special Venues

The films are screened on two screens, the large screen, and the small screen. This gives a great opportunity for the audience to see the films in a more intimate setting and also for the filmmakers to have feedback from them. This contributes to greater quality and more interesting programming.

6.The Festival is Free of Charge

The films are free of charge and are shown in the cinema, which is open to everyone. It is also possible to see them in special venues, such as the Haus der Kulturen der Welt or the Oberhausener Schule, which are considered some of the most prestigious venues for the festivals.

7.The Films are Screened in a Variety of Languages

Many of the films are screened in their original language, which can be advantageous if you do not understand German. However, subtitles will be provided for all films if you wish for them.

8.There is a Wide Range of Genres

It has various genres, from drama to documentary, from animation to experimental films, etc. The festival, therefore, gives you a wide choice when it comes to choosing your next film. Also, the films are screened in various venues, which allows you to see films in a more intimate setting.

9.The Festival has a Great Reputation

It has been shown at many festivals worldwide and has won many awards. It has also been broadcast over several television networks in Germany. The BBC.this has also recommended it makes it easier to get an idea of the quality of the films shown. This highly contributed to the reputation of the festival. Its reputation ensures that it has a great number of visitors each year and can, therefore, cover its operating costs. It is also run by a committee which ensures that it is well looked after and that there are enough volunteers and staff members. This also contributes to the festival’s reputation, as people like to see things being run smoothly.

10.It is a Good Opportunity for Filmmakers in Germany to Show their Films

The festival is a good opportunity for filmmakers in Germany and other countries to show their films. Also, it is an opportunity for many festivals from all over the world to screen films in Germany. This makes it easier for them to get exposure and brings more attention to festivals from all over Europe.

The festival has a good reputation and has won many awards. Also, it has been screened on television. These are some of the main reasons that made the festival a good choice for the next festival.