Everything you Need to Know about Infinity Roses

Love, affection, passion—-All these emotions appear in mind whenever someone hears a word, rose. Fresh roses have been used as the symbol of love in western culture for centuries. And even today, no other expensive gift has replaced the significance of this priceless gesture. 

If you have ever heard about infinity rose,  there must be many questions in your mind. Today, we will answer the most important questions regarding this popular and loved gift.

What are Infinity Roses ? 

Infinity roses are the real flowers preserved with proprietary solutions to maintain their structure and charm for a long time. They are known with many other names like forever roses, eternal roses, and eternity roses. People usually wonder if a rose can last for a year. Honestly speaking not everyone knows the secret of proper preservation but some dealers, like Bellafleur have the exquisite quality that you will find nowhere.

Do Infinity Roses Require Special Care?

Even though infinity roses are preserved to last a year, you can enhance their life up to three years through proper care and maintenance. Afterall, your loved one has given it to you with so many emotions. 

Steps to take care for infinity roses:

⦁ Keep preserved roses in mild light and avoid direct sunlight.

⦁ Avoid extreme temperatures and keep your roses at room temperature.

⦁ Use a soft brush for occasional dusting over your infinity roses.

⦁ Keep these flowers away from water and chemicals.

⦁ Avoid frequent touch.

⦁ Keep them in the box you received from Bellafleur.

What makes infinity roses so special?

Infinity roses are such a special kind of flower. If they love red roses, but don’t want to get one every year, send them an infinity rose from a Fresh Flower Shop Near Me !

Infinity roses come in different sizes and shapes—they are not all round like regular roses. It makes it easy for people who want to send something really personal or really big (like an engagement ring!) without having to make sure it fits into a standard vase or bouquet arrangement. And if they want something really small, infinity roses will work perfectly there too!  Finally, infinity roses have such a wide variety of colors.

What are the Meanings of Different Colors of Roses?

The first thing you should know is that there are actually few basic types of rose: white, yellow, red and pink roses. The second is that they come in a wide variety of hues, ranging from pale shades to deep tones.

To begin with, white roses are soft, delicate and fragrant, while yellow roses are bright and cheerful. Red roses can be either sweet or spicy depending on the variety. Pink roses tend to be more gentle and feminine than most other varieties of rose.

The next thing you should know is that each color has its own meaning:

White Roses: Everlasting love (or at least until Valentine’s Day comes around again!)

Yellow Roses: Happiness and joy

Red Roses: Passion and love

Pink Roses: Beauty and grace

Searching for a Fresh Flower Shop Near you?

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