Everything you need to know about Fireworks

The History of Fireworks

Originally from China, fireworks were invented in the 10th century from homemade black powder and were used as a weapon by Chinese warriors. It was not until his exodus to Europe by Marco Polo that alchemists and Pyrotechnicians looked at this incredible technique and developed fireworks to make it a festive tool.
The fireworks crossed continents and were a source of curiosity for many scientists. Today, fireworks are synonymous with celebration. It is found in various shapes and colors to give joy and splendor to spectators.
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The Origin of Fireworks

Fireworks originated in China at the time when the Pyrotechnicians mixed sulfur, saltpeter, and other chemical elements before setting them ablaze and catapulting them onto their enemies. The first derivative of black powder then saw the light of day in the form of explosives. The artificers aimed to produce as much noise and light as possible in order to frighten the adversaries.
Marco Polo brought this black powder process back to Europe in the 13th century. France initially used it in the manufacture of weapons before turning it into a real entertainment accessory.
It was not until the 16th century that the name of fireworks appeared. Indeed, fireworks were used in shows to imitate real fire, so they were nicknamed to differentiate them from natural fires.
The first fireworks as an entertainment tool were then used in France to animate fire-breathing dragons during popular festivals. Black powder is then a real technical subject and the field of pyrotechnics developed in order to offer under the reign of Louis XIII in 1615 the first real fireworks to be fired at Place des Vosges in Paris.
Fireworks have therefore evolved to offer today a successful spectacle of colors and sounds that are the subject of great emotion to the public. 
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The Fireworks Are a Real Pyrotechnic Show

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of pyrotechnic devices in the professional display as during the national holiday with the legendary fireworks of Pari. Or we find in particular in the stock of specialists in pyrotechnics and automatic fireworks available to any individual.
Fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices are widely available today and allow individuals to shoot fireworks from their gardens. The automatic fireworks display is also the most used pyrotechnic tool, particularly as wedding entertainment or at the end of the year celebrations.
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How Does Fireworks Explode?

Fireworks are pyrotechnic items that offer a particularly explosive spectacle. We have specialized in the sale of compliant and quality pyrotechnic fireworks. Below we have explained to you how fireworks explode in order to take all the safety measures when you shoot.
Fireworks is a process in the field of Pyrotechnics, it means that fireworks use black powder and explosives. The large-scale fireworks are handled by professional Pyrotechnicians who perfectly master their art. Pyrotechnic devices require extensive expertise, only approved manufacturers are authorized to manufacture and sell.

The Explosion of Fireworks

Fireworks as we have seen fall within the domain of pyrotechnics. The fireworks display consists of a base of black powder which, once set ablaze, propels the fireworks into the air.
Once the rocket has reached a suitable height, a wick inside the bomb will ignite and trigger an explosive charge which will act similarly to black powder.
The explosive charge will exert pressure on the bomb and interact with the various pyrotechnic products locked in the fireworks display. The bomb will then explode and the chemicals will ignite everywhere, producing sparks, stars, comets, and all other explosive and scintillating pyrotechnic effects.
In a more simplified way, the fireworks display works as follows:

  • A so-called takeoff charge of black powder sends the bomb upwards.
  • The delayed fuse ignites the explosive charge.
  • The third burst charge explodes on its detour.
  • The fireworks then release all these effects successively depending on the work of the fireworks.
  • The bomb will begin its descent by extinguishing gradually until it reaches the firing zone.

The different colors and effects are chemicals that, when exposed to a flame, produce ferric tones and tones. Professional fireworks engineers innovate every day in order to offer ever more astonishing shows.
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