Everything you need to know about Catalyst Calendar

A catalyst calendar is a schedule of upcoming events or announcements that could have a significant impact on the price of a particular stock or the stock market as a whole. These events are known as catalysts calendar because they have the potential to trigger a change in investor sentiment or company performance, leading to significant price movements.

Examples of catalysts that may be included on a catalyst calendar include:

  1. Earnings releases: Companies typically report their earnings results each quarter, which can provide important information about their financial performance and future prospects.
  2. FDA approvals: Pharmaceutical and biotech companies often rely on FDA approvals for their drugs or medical devices. Positive or negative FDA decisions can have a significant impact on stock prices.
  3. Economic reports: Government agencies regularly release economic data, such as employment figures, GDP growth rates, and inflation rates, which can affect the overall stock market.
  4. Merger and acquisition announcements: When companies announce plans to merge or acquire another company, it can lead to significant price movements in both stocks.
  5. FDA Calendar: This website provides a calendar of upcoming FDA events, including advisory committee meetings, drug and medical device approvals, and other regulatory events.
  6. Evaluate Vantage: This website provides news, analysis, and data on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, including information on clinical trials, drug approvals, and commercial events.
  7. Biotech Primer: This website provides educational resources on the science behind biotech and pharmaceuticals, including information on clinical trials and FDA regulations.
  8. BioPharmCatalyst: This website provides a calendar of upcoming biotech and pharmaceutical events, including clinical trial results, FDA decisions, and other regulatory events.
  9. TrialScope: This website provides information on clinical trials, including their design, status, and results.

The catalyst calendar can be a valuable tool for investors to stay informed about upcoming events that could impact their investments. Many financial news websites and platforms provide catalyst calendars as part of their market analysis and research offerings.


In conclusion, there are several databases and websites available that provide information on clinical trials, commercial events, and FDA or other regulatory events. These resources can be valuable tools for investors, researchers, and others who are interested in staying informed about developments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Some examples of these resources include ClinicalTrials.gov, FDA Calendar, Evaluate Vantage, Biotech Primer, BioPharmCatalyst, and TrialScope. By using these resources, individuals can search and filter for specific information and stay up-to-date on the latest news and events in the industry.