Everything You Must Know About Smudge Sticks

Smudging is more than a ritual; it’s about the fragrance for some and therapy for many. From destressing to air purification, there are several perks smudging offers. The smudge sticks are generally made out of herbs like white sage, lavender, and many other flowers!

Also known as the burning sage, these sticks originated in Native America long ago and have to do away with driving off negative vibes. Burning these twined herbs and letting the essence spread around has various benefits than one could even think!

Do They work?

Even though burning sages can bring psychological and health benefits, many still wonder if they’d genuinely work! Indeed, burning sage works and has science to support it. Sage herbs originate from the Mediterranean and are well known to have effects against digestive problems, depression and even Alzheimer’s disease. Further, they clear up germs and bacteria in the air. So, typically when you burn them, they evaporate and get mixed into the air, doing all of it they must!

Things to Remember When Burning Smudges

Here is a list of things you must do when burning a sage stick:

  • Before burning those sticks, remember to open some of the windows or even doors. By doing so, you’re paving the way for the intoxicating air, bacteria and germs, negative energy and everything else to move out of the stuffed space.
  • After burning the sticks, leave it to flame for around 15-20 seconds and then blow over it! Also, make sure it turns to an orangish tinge after blowing.
  • Try to loosen the bundle if you encounter issues with lighting up the sticks. And if they pause burning anytime, merely give a gentle blow!
  • After they are lit, carry the stick bundle around your space for a while so that the essence spreads.

Benefits of Using a Smudge Stick

Now that smudging can effectively work when done the right way, here are some of its benefits:

1. A Hypoallergenic Essential

Sage sticks don’t just get rid of bacteria or other microbes but also allergens! More than four million Australians are prone to allergy attacks. So, hypoallergenic patients can get their rooms filled with some sage essence and only enter after the smoke is all gone. Like germs, burning sage can keep away dust, mites and moulds, and it turns out to be super essential for homes with pets or kids as well. Nevertheless, they get to breathe in some fresh air, anytime.

2. Tranquillise the Mind

Moody days can pop out anytime, and a smudge stick can calm it all. Most researches suggest that sage herbs can even deal with mood swings and bring serenity to one’s mind. These burnt herbs can also spread an essence that puts down the negative energies. Most sage herbs can activate the brain cells, keeping stress and moodiness away, and one can also make choices between different herbs with varying benefits. For instance, Sagewort can treat headaches, coughs and related issues, and some lavenders can soothe the subconscious.

3. Drives Insomnia and Fatigue Away

Sage herbs are also effective in spreading positive energy that builds a sleep phase during the night. White sage smudges work against anxiety and eventually help in a good night’s sleep. A pleasant fragrance lingering in the room can help soothe the mind. Meanwhile, black sage acts as an insect repellent and deals with insects like mosquitoes that can cause a disturbance. Most other herbs induce positive energy into space and help to cheer the mood. Hence, it deals with fatigue too!

Some smudge sticks can do magic to patients with hypertension and diabetes. An increase in HDL and minimising the sugar levels in the blood can happen within sometime after being into some sage essence!