Everything You Can Do with a Voice Assistant At Home

Back when Siri was introduced in Apple iPhones, the concept wasn’t one that even Apple users were familiar with, so there wasn’t much use to that feature anyway. But with time, Amazon rolled out their version of a voice assistant, the infamous Alexa featured in Amazon devices. And sometime after, Google followed suit by introducing its voice assistant, Google Assistant. 

Fast forward to now, voice assistants are super useful, whether they’re featured in our smartphones, in Smart TV remotes, in Smart Speakers, or any other smart device for that matter. Since smart devices are managed remotely through our smartphones, what voice assistants are good for is that they can enable voice control over the same devices, or any that they can connect to. This particularly comes in handy when it’s about using voice assistants at home. 

What Can Voice Assistants Assist With 

If you’ve got a voice assistant at home, or if you’re thinking of getting one, then you might as well go ahead. It doesn’t matter whether you have one or five or no smart devices in your home at all, because voice assistants aren’t just made for smart devices. In fact, when this technology came about, there weren’t many smart devices around, much like the ones we have today. 

1. Control Other Devices 

As we just mentioned above, voice assistants can sync to other devices within your home – more particularly smart devices. When you can control and manage these devices remotely from your smartphones, what voice assistants can help with is enabling voice-activated control. So without having to lift a finger, you can turn up the thermostat temperature on the smart thermostat, or switch between Netflix and Amazon Prime on the Smart TV. 

2. Connect Your Smartphones 

The only devices voice assistants work with aren’t just restricted to smart home devices or gadgets around your home. In fact, they are also compatible with our smartphones – regardless of the software. Whether you have an Apple iPhone or any Android phone, they not only feature built-in voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant but you can connect to them through external sources too; namely smart speakers. 

So what voice assistants are useful for when it comes to smartphones is that they can receive and place calls, read out and type back responses to texts and emails, and more. They can also play your music from any app on your phone – all without you even needing your phone in your hand.

3. Take down Reminders 

A voice assistant is like having a virtual assistant at home. You’d think for this reason they would be so useful in the office but you’d be surprised at how they could come in handy at home. 

We tend to forget the smallest of details regarding a lot of things, like the brunch scheduled on the weekend with friends, or the housewarming present you had to get for someone. And that’s usually because of our busy schedules and routines. 

For that reason only, just like taking down a mental reminder in your head, you can also list a virtual reminder with your voice assistant. So that you can be reminded timely about things that need to be done or events that need to be attended.
These are merely some of the main functions that can be performed by voice assistants. And these can further do more, once more devices and gadgets are synced to them. 

Google’s Best Devices Featuring Voice Assistants

Google Nest Mini 

The Nest Mini is a smart speaker that features a built-in Google Assistant. Apart from the obvious fact that it can play music from apps like YouTube and Spotify because its speaker sounds are richer than any device before it, the Nest Mini can do so much more. 

It is compatible with a lot of smart devices in order to enable voice control over these devices. Once connected, you can control the Smart TV, smart lighting, smart thermostat, your smartphone as well, and pretty much any Google-powered device.

Google Nest Hub Max 

Another type of device that features Google Assistant, is the google nest hub max bundle. This tablet resembling the device with its smart display can work dual-functions. It’s a tablet that works just like any of the iPads or Samsung tablets, but also serves as a central source of control when you connect multiple devices around your home to it. 

So not only do you get to use the Nest Hub Max as a control center apart from your smartphones serving as a remote, but it also features a built-in Google Assistant. It may enable voice control over any connected device. 

Find Them Right Here

For home use, while voice assistants can be found in your smartphones, it is better to get a smart speaker to set up at home – from where you can collectively connect and control multiple devices within your home. There’s only so much your smartphone would be able to handle. 

So head on over to www.firstenergyhome.com today, where you can get the Nest Mini and the Nest Hub Max at amazing prices. There are a lot more devices that support voice assistants on there so maybe check them out and see what works for you.

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