Everything to know about upper lip hair removal

Having hair on the upper lip is natural for both genders. The only difference is that men have higher hair growth in that area than women. While most men prefer having upper lip hair, that is the complete opposite for women. 

However, irrespective of gender, keeping or removing upper lip hair is a personal preference. Now that we are at it, hair removal methods are plenty. The hair removal options are many, from traditional homemade DIY recipes to conventional techniques and modern solutions. 

Now the real question is, which is the most effective upper lip hair removal solution of them all? If you have time, you can do it yourself at home. But for permanent upper lip hair removal (脫唇毛), you can visit your dermatologist for the best solution for your skin. 

To make your decision easier, below are the standard and practical ways for upper lip hair removal. 

Upper lip hair removal techniques


The tiny hair on the upper lip area is often not visible if the hair color is light. Hence, it is often painful to remove them. While waxing is technically a painful process of hair removal, it is simple and works well for upper lip hair removal. The surface area of the upper lip is narrow, so the process is usually swift. And the results are also commendable and long-lasting, probably 3 to 4 weeks. 

You can wax your upper lip area at home if you are skilled. Or, you can always visit a salon or a specialist to do the job. Nowadays, even wax and heat strips are easy to use. You must rub the strips between your palms to activate the wax. The process will be more painful and taxing if your upper lip hair is long. 

Laser hair removal

Want a more permanent solution to remove your upper lip hair? Then, you get laser hair removal treatment for that. This procedure employs high-intensity laser beams into the skin, destroying the hair follicles from its root. That, in most cases, stops the hair from growing back. While the process is not painful, it could still differ based on the person’s hair thickness and pain tolerance capacity. 

To get the best result from laser hair removal, you must go through multiple sessions as suggested by the attending physician or technician. Once you complete the laser sessions, you can expect a hair-free upper lip for six months to a year. That, in turn, is also influenced by eating habits, maintenance, and hormonal changes. 

It is best to note that do not use at-home laser kits on your face at all for hair removal. Skilled, trained, and licensed professionals should always perform laser treatment.


Plucking every strand of that tiny hair from your upper lip can sometimes be tiring and painful. But, it is the safest and easiest method to perform at home alone without supervision. Upper lip hair is easy to hold or grip with tweezers as they are not ingrown hair. It is a convenient and time-saving way to get done in immediate situations. 

If you know the right way to do tweezing, you can save yourself the trips to the salon. The results are similar to like threading. You must be slow and steady with the process, as slight discomfort or pain is temporary for a few seconds at best. The best way to keep the pain to a minimum is by pulling the hair toward the hair growth. After the process, use cold water or a cold compress to soothe the area. 

Facial epilators

Facial epilators are the best tool to consider for forehead or lip hair removal. The device is similar to tweezers but is electric. Epilators best work in small surface areas with tiny hair. It pulls multiple hair strands in one go making the overall process quicker and smoother. When you buy epilators, ensure that you buy the right one. Do not confuse face and body (regular) epilators. They are different. 

While you use an epilator on your face, gently exfoliate the area beforehand. That would give you the best outcome without causing redness or skin irritation. 


Sugaring is a home remedy and a very natural way to get rid of facial hair. Not only is the solution practical and effective, but it also has no severe side effects or risks to the skin. Sugaring is very much similar to waxing. But sugar also serves as an exfoliant and softens the skin of the treated area. 

To make the sugaring more effective, you can add multiple natural ingredients. Such as honey, lemon juice, sugar, and water. You should apply the melted sugar at room temperature. You can also do a patch test for any reactions. 


Upper lip hair removal has many effective options depending on your skin type. You make multiple options to choose from for hair texture, the effectiveness of the solution, and budget. But, if you go to a salon or cosmetic center, confirm that the physician or technician is a licensed professional.