Every Woman's Guide in Choosing the Perfect Summer Bikini Top

For many women, wearing a bikini in public can be a daunting experience. 

It’s easy to feel insecure about showing little tummy fat or full thighs. Nevertheless, finding comfort in your skin is possible with the right bikini or swimwear for your body type.

One particular dilemma when shopping for swimwear is finding bust-appropriate bikini tops. Style is one thing, but you need to look at the quality of the cut and the capacity of the top itself to support your bust.

If you think the search is endless, don’t worry! This guide will help you find the best bikini top that you can add to your beach wardrobe.

Get Your Actual Measurement

Most of us are guilty of guessing our bust size, especially when shopping online for bikini tops. Just as you would shop for bras, you should find out the exact measurement of your bust before checking out your online cart.

To do this, wrap a measuring tape around your upper torso to the fullest part of the chest and read the measurement. 

Remember to wrap it somewhat loosely for a much accurate fit. Similarly, you can measure your band size by wrapping the tape measure directly under the bust.

To calculate your cup size, subtract your measured band size from your bust measurement. Refer to your bikini shop’s size chart to find out what cup you have.

Now that you have your exact measurements, it’s time to go bikini shopping.

For Women with Large Busts

Women with larger bust sizes should look for bikini tops with underwires. This generally provides better support since the underwire keeps the bust in place while the pad can give you more shape.

For greater comfort, look for halter straps that can decrease the pressure on your neck. You can also experiment with other styles as long as they have built-in underwire and side boning.

For Women with Small Busts

String bikinis like triangle tops are most flattering for women with smaller busts. Since the triangle pads are adjustable, you can instantly make your breasts look bigger. 

The key is to choose a small top to enhance your bust.

Bandeaus with halter ties are also an excellent choice to accentuate the cleavage lines. You can also try bikini tops that offer more coverage but add more dimension to your bustline. 

You can go crazy with ruffles, floral prints, and tiered bikini tops.

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For Women with Medium Busts

If your size falls just in between, consider yourself lucky because you can pull off almost every style. But if you genuinely want to stand out and feel comfortable at the same time, you should choose a moulded cup halter. 

This design can enhance your silhouette and shape. 

Thick band tops are perfect alternatives if you are not a fan of underwires. For a sexier look, you can pick out a top with front drawstrings to step up that cleavage game.

You should consider padded bikini tops with side coverage, adjustable straps, and underwire for extra support for other style options.

With these guidelines, you will be rocking that beach outfit with confidence. You can always contact your local swimwear shop to suggest bikini tops that complement your bust size and consider your breast shape for more advice. Nonetheless, keep your chin high, girl! You got this!


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