Every Top-Notch Pitch Deck Contains These 3 Slides, So Should Yours!

There is a famous idiom “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket” your pitch deck team slide works the same way. You can’t display your product design presentation without following a proper order and knowing the significance of each. It’s probably more difficult to explain a notion than it is to contend with it. For the majority of us who battle to generate and manage the never-ending stream of information, social networks, and statistics, data processing is hitting dangerous heights. Venture capitalists are merely people. Apart from the massive amount of data they absorb as businessmen, customers, and consumers, they must also analyze the data you offer to their notice i.e. in your pitch deck team slide presentation.

The more clearly you communicate the company’s new ideas and business strategies, the quicker it will be for financiers and venture capitalists to concentrate their energies on your demands in a limited amount of period. Hence, your pitch deck team slide presentation needs to be nice and short to be easily comprehended by the investors and these top 3 most important slides must be included as without them, nothing may work out. You can take help from top pitch deck consultants too.

  1. The Slide Cover

The title page serves as the initial element an audience takes when examining your product design presentation. The first sight is never repeated, and your opening title is your first sight. It’s your earliest shot to pique the audience’s interest in your business, but relatively only a few entrepreneurs reap the benefits of it. In truth, we estimate that the significant majority of small businesses invest minimal energy, time, or attention into this product design presentation. Let’s discuss the factors which make a title slide become a hit or flop.

  • Bad Title slides

The brand logo appears on the cover slide of the majority of the pitch deck team slide presentations. This tells audiences absolutely nothing about your business or why one should pay attention to it. It’s a sheer trashing of a slide. The best part is that it serves as the benchmark for the greater part of pitch deck team slide presentations.  Hence, if you throw just a bit of hard work and dedication into the cover slide, your product design presentation already stands abreast of almost every comparable presentation available on the market. 

We already have a graphic to stick with the logo. The only difference is that the stock image is often reflective of the sector in which the business thrives. Although not very much different, we finally comprehend what industry the business is aiming for. For example, if you are targeting the automobile market, what you can do is put a muscle car on your cover page.

Although we’re moving correctly now to an extent by including a one-liner summary of how the business works and providing extra information in your cover slide, still this is not up to the mark. The issue with this cover slide is that nearly all taglines are either imprecise or overused. Something which reads “Interrupting the Monetary Sector,” “Vision of Mobile Devices,” or “A Unique Sort Healthcare Firm” does not inform us what your corporation offers. They understand what sector you’re in, yet there are plenty of other businesses attempting to “Interrupt the Financial Industry.” We strongly advise against utilizing catchphrases or figures of speech because it does not distinguish your product design presentation from others.

  • Impressive Cover Slide

Instead of utilizing a broad, buzzword-laden phrase, describe precisely what your organization does in the easiest way possible. It must be brief and clear to understand. Moreover, it should spark the audience’s curiosity enough to make them desire to discover further. We understand you need to convey to the audience every detail about your business. There is a correct time for it, but not on the cover slide. Striving to summarize all of your business’s wonderful qualities into several lines will require patience, research, and probably several changes.

Isn’t it true that an image is worth 1,000 sayings? Because there isn’t enough space on your cover slide for 1000 sayings, the greatest task you can perform is to use this moment to showcase your product design presentation. You have several alternatives here. You may use merchandise photographs. Much ideal, include a photo of a consumer enjoying your goods. Perhaps your business was highlighted in a media source praising the goods. The key is that if your slogan is brief, you have an engaging photograph that effectively showcases your goods. 

  1. The Problem Slide

We aim our pitch deck team slide presentation to pique the interest of the attendees. This alternating debate involving issue and remedy, either between favorable or unfavorable, results in fluid narration. Captivating storytelling draws your listeners in and psychologically engages them in your message. Your listeners will get more connected and intrigued by your tale as they interact with it. They could easily experience or visualize the pleasure of the brighter note of it – the remedy – when they are enduring the misery of that unpleasant situation. Your outstanding company, offering, or service, and staff come to your aid.

It is far more beneficial to structure your corporation based on a problem than a fix. This makes the problem slide possibly the most popular slide in pitch deck team slide presentations. Learn everything you can about your user’s difficulties. Assist your entire firm in comprehending the issue and also why you act to tackle it. While presenting to financiers, ensure that the issue and remedy stick out in total contradiction when lining up your product design presentation or planning on going through your pitch. It allows them to recognize the commercial viability and the value of the product you’re selling.

  1. The Finance Slide

The finance slide is the ultimate great insight inside your business’s data center. This data will assist venture capitalists in determining how robust the future stock is going to be and how wide are your horizons. If you’re just starting as a business, you may skip the finance slide and instead utilize the momentum slide. Financial estimates demonstrate the company’s ability. They respond to queries such as:

  • How much money you might end up making?
  • Is this a profitable business theory? 
  • Is it valuable enough to be long-term productive?
  • What will the return on your investment be?
  • What kinds of financiers or purchasers would be interested in this company?
  • How long will it require to make a profit?
  • What is the amount you ought to produce to meet your targets?

Bottom Line

You can add as many slides as you want in your pitch deck, but if you miss out on these three, your pitch deck team slide or product design presentation will not only be complete. In addition, your audience will never be able to grasp the whole concept of your pitch deck resulting in a waste of time and effort.