Every Emerging Artist Needs to Join a Spotify Playlist; Here’s Why

The music business is huge right now and growing exponentially. According to Statista, the music market size is expected to reach $65 billion in 2023. However, despite the many artists making it big in the entertainment industry, a significant number of emerging artists are struggling.

From accessing loads of money to produce albums, organizing press shots, and going on tours, independent musicians have a lot on their plates. Putting their music in front of a vast audience and breaking into the mainstream music scene is one of their biggest hurdles, which is where Spotify bridges the gap. There is also a good opportunity for music artists to buy Spotify plays on WP Dev Shed for getting more audience attention.

There is a lot to gain when aspiring artists submit music to Spotify playlists. Some of them include:

  • Increasing Your Music’s Outreach

Music is a game of numbers. The more people listen to your tunes, the more exposure and airplay you get. The more the people singing along to your well-crafted lyrics, the more recognition you get and the heftier your talent pays.

With music streaming growing in popularity by the day, having your music on a Spotify playlist is an excellent strategy that allows people to discover your music. You can build a loyal fan base and take your music career to the next level through the platform.

  • Push Your Music Across Borders

Finding paying local gigs can be challenging, especially for aspiring artists with no external support from record labels, managers, and music promoters. 

Currently, Spotify services music lovers across 178 countries and has approximately 365 million monthly subscribers. The music streaming giant is also looking to expand its geographical footprint further to allow more musicians to tap into the lucrative entertainment industry. So, what other better and more efficient way to move across local borders and into the international music scene than by joining one of the biggest global music streaming platforms?

  • Access to Niche-Specific Playlists

Joining a mixed playlist is an excellent way to improve the chances of your music going global. But you know what’s even better? Being featured on playlists that align with your sound.

When you submit music to Spotify playlists, the platform allows you to take a niche and genre-specific approach. You can take advantage of the thousands of playlists unique to your type of music, which is a valuable strategy as it exposes you to a dedicated fan base that resonates with your music. It is a great way to boost your number of plays, significantly increasing your chances of creating a massive following in less time.

Bottom Line

Spotify playlists are here to level the ground, offering emerging artists a platform to push their music to the world. As a result, artists receive a lot of streams and interact with their fans, boosting engagement and improving their online visibility.

The fact that there are curators that can easily manage your playlists is another perk you can leverage. These playlist management platforms allow you to arrange and rearrange your playlist as you deem fit, automating the processes so that you can concentrate on making new music.

All perks considered, all emerging artists hoping to make their mark on their music industry should start by submitting music to Spotify playlists today.

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