evermerge walkthrough

evermerge is a very popular merge game. In the world of evermerge , you can rescue the fairy tale characters from the fog of the Forsaken and rebuild the land. You need to form towns and upgrade the buildings. For This is a daunting task for beginners , so I bring you evermerge game tips, hoping to help you beat the fog and merge better in EverMerge . For more articles about evermerge, visit gametopn.com .

1. Combine 5 items as much as possible

In EverMerge when players combine three identical items together, they combine into a single item with more power and value. But there is one exception to this rule, and that is when you merge 5 identical items .

While 3 items can be combined into 1 better item, if you can combine 5 of the same item, they can be combined into 2 items for the next level, basically saving you from not finding the sixth in the merge An ingredient, because when you’re merging 20 or 30 items per minute, every resource counts a lot .

Also note that if you have 6 of the same item then these will all be used up when you initiate the merge , if you guys want to be sure to redeem the reward from the merge 5 , make absolutely sure that any other copies of the item in question are placed in aside.

2. Don’t forget to complete the order

When you first start playing EverMerge, you will only have one hero, Sleeping Beauty, freed from the fog of oblivion. In addition to providing quests and dialogues to keep you entertained, Sleeping Beauty will also regularly order resources such as candy and wheat . Desserts, if you make them, you can get various items as a reward, among them the all – important wand.

the rarer resources in EverMerge , which can be used to clear the fog on new lands , get more new areas, and unlock more and more new lands as you level up in the game , if you don’t have enough wands to dispel the fog , no matter how high your level is, these new areas can not be used.

important orders when you build other things in the game , it’s easy to forget to unlock new areas when you’re focusing on developing areas you already have, but planting and harvesting resources and making the desserts you ordered are time consuming , So it’s best not to wait until the last minute.

3. Pay attention to replenish energy in time

In EverMerge, energy is a precious and limited resource that can only recover 1 unit every 3 minutes. You can replenish energy by watching ads or buying it with gold .

EverMerge limits the number of times players can watch ads and increases the price of purchase renewals with each purchase. Early in the game and at the start of each day, you can spend energy fairly freely, as the way to replenish energy will reset, and after cooldown, the price of buying energy will drop again. So when you use your energy reserves, try to ration it out and complete the tasks that give you the most benefit.

4. Remember to complete the task

The main tasks associated with the storyline in EverMerge are mainly building houses of different sizes, the main task is prominent, but there are other tasks that are easily overlooked because these tasks are on the side of the screen.

The other quests here are the easiest way to get crowns, crowns are essentially in – game experience points, although most common quests can reward 1 or 2 crowns, some quests can be rewarded with hundreds of crowns, so it is recommended that you try Finish.

in EverMerge have rewards, and completing all quests for a day has even greater rewards. Rewards for completing Dailies will increase with subsequent successes, so make sure to focus on what needs to be done, and you could be rewarded quite nicely in a few days .

The above are the evermerge game skills. If you want to know more about evermerge games, please pay attention to gametopn.com. They will provide players with downloads of various popular mobile games and the most complete game guide.