Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. With the right marketing techniques, a business can reach new heights whereas failing at marketing can bring a well-grown business back to the ground. 

There are many marketing strategies, tips, and tricks that are constantly bombarded on brands that one may get lost in. In such cases, brands may get into bad etiquette and follow the wrong marketing strategies. 

Currently, social media is the biggest marketing giant everyone is talking about. Surely it’s a new age opportunity to promote your business there, but one big problem about social media or any other marketing strategy for that matter is there are no written rules. 

When it comes to marketing, everyone has the freedom to use any platform and any marketing tool, the way they want to. But it also makes room for malpractices. Therefore, here are a few etiquettes reputed brands follow to market their brand and you should too.   

Be Responsive 

Marketing your brand simply means putting the brand out there in public. Therefore, people are going to interact with your brand once noticed. Therefore, it’s then the responsibility of the company how they wish to take it forward. 

People mostly judge the brand depending on the response time you take to solve or reply to their queries. Now that people reach out to brands digitally, make sure you have a dedicated team to handle social media handles who respond to the people directly.

Do Not Automate Everything 

We are rapidly witnessing the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and automated bots receiving and solving queries of people and being available to solve basic issues 24/7. These automated bots do reduce a huge load from company employees. 

However, overdoing anything comes with its own set of consequences. If people approaching your brand are always greeted and then handled by artificial bots then there is a chance they may not get answers to their queries all the time. 

Therefore, make sure you automate your work to a certain extent only. Also, even today people prefer to interact with a real person than with an AI bot. Thus, it is good etiquette to have real people managing such departments. 

Offer What You Can Deliver 

False advertising or fake promises is something customers hate. You might have seen advertisements that present a brand differently than how the brand actually is. Sometimes there are advertisements about a certain product but once you visit the brand website, there’s nothing. 

Such false advertisements will only get you one-time traffic and in turn, will ruin your brand image. Therefore, it’s important to have frequent conversations with your marketing team and promise only the things which you can deliver. 

Make It Convenient

There are tons of options available which you can implement for marketing your brand. But you should be selective while choosing which techniques are actually going to be useful for your brand. 

For example, you can create digital visiting cards which are more functional than the traditional paper business cards. Such marketing tools make things convenient for your brand as well as your clients and customers. 

Be Careful About Hashtags   

Another etiquette, if you are using social media for marketing your brand, is don’t throw too many hashtags on one post. That is just going to create a mess and make your brand look desperate.

For example, If you have posted a picture promoting a new food item then don’t put random unnecessary hashtags into the caption. Only use two to three hashtags related to the food items and that’s it. It will make your brand look more professional and well presented. 

Appreciate Both Positive And Negative Feedback 

Once people start engaging with your brand, you will receive feedback, both positive and negative. Most brands choose to ignore the negative feedback and reply to those who have something positive to say.