Established Ways for Writing an Essay

Have you been wondering how to write an essay that compels the reader? You’re not alone. Many students go through similar thoughts when they struggle to achieve high scores in assignments they thought they wrote well. To help you write exceptional essays, we’ve put together 5 established ways to follow.

5 Steps to Write an Essay like a Pro

If you do not know the exact formula of doing something, even the easiest task may seem arduous. Similarly, essay writing is not as challenging as it may be for some students. The only reason behind this is that they do not know how to carry out this task in an organized manner. Are you in the same boat? Read on to find out how you can make your writing process easy yet impactful.

Come up with an original topic

When it comes to writing a great essay, it is extremely important to choose a topic that is worth writing on. If you cannot decide what topic to opt for, you can look for unique topics on Do some initial research on the topics you are planning to choose. After reading and going through various sources, ask yourself:

  • Is this topic unique?
  • Has it already been discussed a lot?
  • Can I add a unique argument or discuss a unique angle of this issue?
  • Will this topic make my write-up cliché?
  • Will this topic allow me to add some original and fresh ideas?
  • Will it allow me to write a piece that leaves an impression?

Asking these questions to yourself will help you determine if the topic is worth choosing or not. An interesting topic enables you to discuss interesting ideas. However, it is also important that you are interested in the topic. If you are passionate about what you are writing, you are most likely to write original arguments or ideas. This will ensure that your piece is original and capable of impressing the reader.

Plan your time

Once you have decided on the topic, it is time to get organized and do the planning part. This may sound like an unnecessary step, but it is a crucial one. Without planning and outlining the essay, you may end up confused, directionless, and procrastinating. To avoid being ended up in that situation, grab a paper and a notebook or open a document in your laptop; break down the writing process into these steps:

  • Research and initial reading.
  • Finalize the central idea or a thesis and your position.
  • Creating an outline.
  • Write your first draft without worrying about your choice of words.
  • Edit your first draft; refine your ideas, and look for any typos, spelling, or grammar mistakes.
  • Reread and edit if necessary; check for cohesion and cohesiveness.
  • Ask someone else to read it.

Allot specific periods for each step. For instance, if you have a week to submit your essay, you could divide your time like this:

Day 1: Research, deciding the thesis, creating an outline based on the research. This outline should be like this:

  • Intro: Hook, thesis statement, position.
  • Body: key arguments and a brief reference to the evidence to support those arguments. Writing down your source in the outline will make it easy for you to cite the evidence when writing a draft. It will save you the time of going back and finding where did you find this evidence from.
  • Conclusion: Write down your raw concluding thoughts.

Day 2: Write a full draft following your outline.

Day 3: Edit with a fresh mind. Coming back to what you have written after a while provides you a fresh look and helps you gauge your writing better.

Day 4: Reread. Reading it again the next day with a fresh mind will help you make sure everything sounds logical. This time you will be more focused on the overall structure and sound of the essay rather than looking for any mistakes.

Day 5: Ask a friend, sibling, or parent to read it and give their feedback. Do the changes, if required.

Use paraphrasing tools

So, how to make an essay impactful? Choose your words wisely. Think about ideas that will make a great impression on the reader. If you can’t seem to come up with impactful arguments/ideas, you may check some examples on similar topics. If you find a particular idea interesting enough to include, you may opt for a paraphrasing tool. There are several paraphrasing tools available online that help you restate the original idea without plagiarism. Using these tools can be a great support for students whose first language is not English. These students find it hard to transform their ideas and thoughts into correct words.

Cite resources

The question ‘how to write a college paper’ lingers in numerous new students’ minds. Remember, the citation is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to crafting a perfect paper. Providing evidence to support your ideas or arguments is the key to writing essays that impact the reader. However, if you fail to attribute those shreds of evidence to a reliable source, your piece will lose its impact. So, when you come across particular evidence during your research phase, note down its source. Noting the sources during the research phase will help you easily cite them during the writing phase. Going back online and looking for citations can be time-consuming. Thereby, being organized will make creating a college paper easier for you. Furthermore, make sure you follow the correct format of citing your sources. Check with your college website or teacher to ensure which format you are required to follow if you don’t know how to cite a source, no problem. Search for the specific referencing style online, and you will get your problem solved.

Ask someone to proofread

What makes a good essay even better? Eliminating all errors. To ensure your paper is free of all errors and makes sense to the reader, ask someone else to proofread it. Sometimes, students are unable to identify flaws in their writing. Having someone else to read it will ascertain your paragraphs are well-connected. It will help you refine your piece even better so that there is no issue of cohesiveness or cohesion. Many students lose marks simply because their piece lacks cohesion or cohesiveness. Hence, it is better to have someone check it.

All in all, writing a paper that doesn’t fail to impress is all about following the right steps. And, the essays tips mentioned above are sure to help you learn those steps. So, keep these steps in mind when you start to write an essay next time.`