Essential Guide to Crafting a Stylish Wardrobe: Design Tips for Every Space

When it comes to wardrobes, there is no such thing as having enough or excessive storage. Somehow, we always seem to fall short of space. Consequently, an increasing number of homeowners are continually seeking contemporary wardrobe in Dubai.  

Just like you, your clothes deserve a well-thought-out space. A well-designed wardrobe means more usable space due to increased storage capacity. Plus, it allows you to give a personalised touch, making it uniquely yours. 

Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive guide that will help you design a wardrobe that goes beyond utility and truly reflects how style and functionality can be incorporated with ease. Let us dive in and make the most of every nook and corner of your wardrobe space. 

7 Simple and logical tips to consider when designing your wardrobe in Dubai. 

  1. Assess your storage requirements.  

Before you proceed with designing the wardrobe, it is essential to assess your storage requirements. Your lifestyle and the kind of clothes and items you want to store will help in tailoring your wardrobe design according to your needs.   

If you use a lot of formal wear, it is worth considering opting for a lot of hanging space and dedicated spaces for dresses and suits. However, if you are more into accessories, incorporating drawers or shelves with dividers would be more helpful.  

  1. Material for wardrobe cabinet 

Cabinets demand a substantial investment. Hence, it deserves thoughtful consideration, making longevity a prevalent concern among many homeowners who want to design wardrobes in Oman.     

Due to this, sturdy and high-quality material is crucial to ensure longevity and overall aesthetics of the space. Having said that, the material you select for your wardrobe must complement the design and ambience of the rest of your bedroom. For instance, if your bedroom features a contemporary look, laminate can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you have a traditional theme, opting for a wooden material with intricate detailing will seamlessly fit in. 

  1. Space optimization 

Several storage options are available that maximize space utilization, and some of these include the following – 

  1. Drawers – 

When it comes to wardrobe designs in Qatar, drawers stand out as they allow for complete space utilization from back to front. They are great for storing small items like socks, accessories, handkerchiefs, etc. Most importantly, they allow access to these things easily even if they are located at the back of the drawer. 

  1. Adjustable shelves 

Adjustable shelves ensure that you have room for everything that you wish to store. The flexibility they offer maximizes the storage space. For example, during summer, your wardrobe may house a combination of folded clothes, accessories, and shoes. However, as the season changes, you may need more space for tall winter boots or folded sweaters. Adjustable shelves allow for this customization, ensuring the available wardrobe space is used efficiently. 

  1. Hanging rails 

Certain garments like shirts, blouses, and dresses are best stored without folding to prevent wrinkles, requiring a designated hanging space. Moreover, hanging clothes provides clear visibility and easy access, saving a lot of your precious time. 

Many experts recommend considering two-tier hanging rails as they offer two levels for hanging clothes, effectively doubling the available storage space. Another efficient space-saving alternative is to go for pull-down hanging rails. These rails allow you the flexibility to lower the rail as per your requirements and push it back once your work is done, making it easier for you to use hard-to-reach spaces of your wardrobe efficiently. 

  1. Wardrobe handles 

We often forget the significance of wardrobe handles when it comes to wardrobe design. These handles can help you unify the design of your house. The choice, once again, depends on the overall design of your bedroom and house. 

For a contemporary look, incorporating soft push drawers can add a touch of elegance. Conversely, if your house boasts a traditional theme, a classic handle with exquisite detailing would be a fitting choice. 

  1. Lighting  

Effective lighting is a crucial aspect of wardrobe planning. It helps you find the clothes you need easily and will also positively impact your dressing routine and all this, along with enhancing the overall appeal of your wardrobe. 

When incorporating lighting in your wardrobe, make sure you identify the areas you want to be illuminated, such as shelves, handing rails, etc. Opting for warm white light is advisable as it helps in creating a cozy ambience. When it comes to wardrobe designs in Dubai, most homeowners prefer LED lighting with sensors as it reduces energy costs, and you need not play around with switches. 

  1. Mirrors 

Mirrors are winning hearts and minds in wardrobe designs in Oman. They bring depth to a room by reflecting objects, creating a pleasing visual impact. Mirrors create an illusion of space making smaller rooms look big. They also reflect light infusing the room with brightness and contributing to a well-lit and inviting atmosphere. 


A noteworthy feature of mirrored wardrobes is their versatility as they can complement a range of interior styles, seamlessly fitting into modern, eclectic, or traditional themes. 

  1. Wardrobe cabinet doors 

When it comes to wardrobe doors, the choice to include them or not depends on your personal preference, the wardrobe design and how you intend to use the wardrobe space. 

While not having wardrobe doors will give direct visibility and easy access to clothing and belongings, having them will keep your personal items hidden from view and protect your clothing from dust. You may also explore a selective display approach where you can showcase selected items for a visually appealing display. 


Designing a wardrobe requires a thoughtful balance between style and functionality. It is essential to take into consideration the space constraints, user requirements and storage needs.

To create a wardrobe that enhances the overall design of your bedroom, check out the latest trends for wardrobe designs in Dubai, Oman, and Qatar. Feel free to contact us for personalised solutions and elevate your bedroom aesthetics with our contemporary wardrobe designs tailored to meet your individual preferences.