Essential chat tips for business communications

Communication is what we all do to express ourselves. It is an art one must master to build better relationships in both personal and business lives. Skilled communication becomes highly significant when it comes to business. It determines the future and success of an organization. Most of today’s business interaction takes place online through chat apps and software requiring some technical knowledge. Hence, it is essential for one to learn how to use these tools effectively. 

 Mere speaking doesn’t amount to proper communication. There is more to it. One needs to learn the intricacies of chatting and speaking during business interactions. Even more, attention is required in remote communications as a mild change or misplacement in words could be misinterpreted by the listener. Many free business chat apps are available to teach this much-needed knack.

So, how can we enrich our chatting techniques? What should we do to strengthen our communication? Below are some important tips for utilizing the business chats that will help you accomplish this goal.

KISS your message

 ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ should be the key mantra in a chat. Never underestimate or overestimate the person on the other side you are communicating with. Doing so might result in lengthy explanations, boring, or technical terms, which might cause discomfort. Break the lines wherever possible to keep the sentences short. This ensures readability and understandability. 

Using new and unfamiliar terms, like abbreviations, could disrupt the rhythm of your conversation. Ensure that the listener understands the words you use.  Since the communications mostly take place through chat software, you never get to know the reaction of the reader. So be clear and direct about your needs while communicating.

Maintain an active conversation

If you have initiated a conversation, pay your full attention to it. Don’t skip or leave it in the middle. Be prompt with your replies. Try not to delay your response as it may portray that you are disinterested in the conversation. Active communication also implies the importance you give to the other person. Making your listener or reader feel important ensures the success of the communication.

Be optimistic  

Maintain a positive approach to your conversations. It develops an effective and positive environment for your discussion. Being optimistic doesn’t mean staying positive blindly, irrespective of any situation. You need to pay heed to the speaker and respond accordingly. If there is a heated conversation and the ambience is so raised, it needs to be handled in a calm and composed manner and not the other way. 

Respect the communication preferences of people

Not all would prefer a similar pattern of communication. Some might be comfortable with chats, while others like calls or in-person conversation. If you can respect their preferences, it will have a positive effect on the communication. Even if it is a chat conversation, there are options like emails, texts, WhatsApp, etc. We have numerous free business chat apps and software through which we can communicate. Being aware of your collaborator’s preference and respecting it will go a long way in having successful conversations. 

Also, be cautious with the slang you use in the communication. Not all people can be addressed the same way. Get to know the person well before deciding on the vernacular. If not, stick to a formal tone until you are confident to determine their preference.

  • Communication should be error-free

 There is no room for errors in your communication. Keep it free from grammar and spelling mistakes. It requires reading and re-reading your text twice or thrice to ensure a flawless message, as you cannot afford to make mistakes in business communication. It might either cause frustration or convey a misappropriate message to the reader. Never let such mistakes happen in your conversation.

  • Be attentive and personal
    You may avoid seeming robotic by adding a human touch and paying attention to the customer. It is always advised to keep the conversation personalized so that your client or customer feels that you are taking the initiative to understand his problems and trying to solve them. Here are some tips you can consider:
    • Please don’t ask the customer for information that has already been supplied; instead, read what they have said and respond to it. Review the customer’s previous chats for context if they have contacted you about the same problem frequently. Customers can avoid repeating themselves in this manner. 
    • Make sure your conversation makes sense in the context of the client’s concern to avoid any confusion.
    • A tool like Clariti can help you to overcome these practical difficulties. Clariti is a SaaS application that combines emails, chats, calls, documents in cloud storage, and to-           
    • dos in one app        
    • and links all related information in a Workspace. For every context, a new Workspace is created, and all the relevant information is linked and stored automatically. When a       
    • customer service representative uses Clariti, all the conversations between them would be preserved in a single Workspace. Not only that, but the customer service representative would also have full freedom to organize the
    • Workspace in a manner that makes the most sense to him. For example, the representative can arrange the Workspace based on either customer or the type of issue being addressed.  When the context is clear,     
    • there won’t be bottlenecks in communication and chat will flow naturally. Clariti enables chat through context-based communications in the form of Workspaces.
    • Make a personal connection by including a picture in your profile.
    • Choose the business chat apps that also allow you to call directly or video call with the other person to ensure the ability to communicate that is the best fit for the situation.
  • Be proactive  
    Conversations don’t always begin with customers. It’s critical to be proactive and, start conversations with visitors to learn their motivations for visiting the website. It’s helpful to let the website visitor know that someone is there even if they don’t answer.

Incorporating proactive business messaging into your chats will greatly increase engagement. It’s a technique to show clients that you value them and are eager to resolve their issues. The following messages will assist you in proactively engaging your clients:

  • “It appears that despite many visits, you have not made a purchase. Do you need assistance making the best choice?”
    • “It appears like you are visiting a lot of pages! Can we assist you in any way?”
    • “You haven’t checked your shopping cart in a while; are you ready to check out, or do you need our assistance finding anything else?”
    • “Would you want to hear about the special discounted price on the services or products you are interested in, [CUSTOMER NAME]?”
  • Professionally end conversations by soliciting feedback
    At the end of a chat conversation, customer service reps may mistakenly believe that the customer’s request has been fulfilled. As a result, they might abruptly end the conversation. This frequently occurs when agents are juggling several conversations at once.
     To avoid this, it is important to end chat conversations with text that checks if the customer’s needs were met.
    Always inquire about:
    • “Is there anything else we can do to be of service to you?”
    • “Are you still having problems with [product or service]?”
    • “Have we addressed all of your concerns?”
    • “Do you have any more inquiries?”
  • With timely feedback, companies are alerted to potential problems or validate that a business strategy is functioning properly. 
    Because of the quickness of the chat platform, it is crucial to solicit client input. You get the chance to converse with someone who has just experienced your customer service firsthand.


Incorporating the chat tips discussed above will not only help customer service representatives to maintain a healthy relationship with the clients but also surpass their expectations. Please let us know in the comments section below if we missed anything.