Epic EMR vs AdvancedMD EMR: A Battle of Billing Solutions

As the title suggests, this article is about the difference between the billing services of AdvancedMD EMR and that of the Epic EMR. In this Epic EMR vs AdvancedMD face-off, our prime focus is to evaluate how their billing modules differ. A common fact is both these solutions offer billing services integrated into the EHR module. So, we just have to find out which software offers more useful features to boost the stability of the revenue stream. Here we will present a demo of AdvancedMD EMR and Epic EMR. This way, you will get to visualize the bills management features of both EMR platforms loud and clear. So, shall we get to the main topic now?  

Epic EMR VS AdvancedMD EMR: A Demo Of The Billing Modules: 

Let’s start the Epic EMR vs AdvancedMD EMR with a detailed overview of the billing module of Epic EMR.  

Epic EMR 

Epic care comes with a feature-rich billing module to speed up patient payment collection and free staff of excess workload so they can offer their undivided attention to more crucial tasks. In this demo of the billing module of Epic EMR, you will see that this solution allows for paperless billing. What’s more, it supports online payments by the patients and seamlessly integrates all information at a centralized interface for smooth payment processing.   

Paperless bills

Clinical staff can generate automated bills using patient data from their profiles to create accurate invoices. In addition, it removes the chance of errors as the software uses in-built medical codes. 

Payment Processing

There are self-service payment plans to meet patients’ requirements. Also, Epic EMR reviews show it provides financial assistance so providers can work with a relaxed mind. Also, the software creates pre-built estimated payments based on the treatment patients are receiving. 

Charge Optimization

It allows for charge optimization that ensures all patients are billed appropriately. The charge automation tool helps avoid the probability of charge missing to improve clinical reimbursements. 

Outstanding Balances 

A crucial point to share while presenting a demo of Epic EMR is the consolidation of outstanding balances. The solution compiles a patient’s post-acute, hospital, and private treatment bills in a consolidated statement to improve the patient’s financial experience.  

Financial Decision Support

This exceptional EMR solution generates financial reports. On that basis, clinical providers put forth newer ways to drive financial success. Epic EMR demo shows that the software supports the decisions made to introduce cost-effective and profitable treatment plans. 


The billing section of Epic EMR is highly praised in the reviews left by the users. This healthcare solution drives medical practices to success, even those on the verge of financial disruption. It avoids unpleasant circumstances by assisting providers in practicing the best available techniques to improve their revenue cycle.  

Reviews of Epic EMR show that it handles billing statements and helps track undue payments. As a result, there is a 99.8% probability that medical professionals get paid timely and rightfully with this solution. Epic EMR reviews illustrate that the vendor is not just about managing the invoices in the revenue stream. It even masters the art of filing, scrubbing, and submitting claims.  

AdvancedMD EHR Features 

AdvancedMD offers unified services so that the EHR, Practice Management, and billing solutions work in sync. This integrated nature of this industry-leading solution helps run an optimized practice where administrative and financial operations are dealt with to-the-point care. This medical billing solution makes practices easier to manage with intuitive and productive services.  


AdvancedMD EHR features cloud-hosted billing services so providers can manage finances at a reduced cost. No IT services or on-premise software is required to manage the billing cycle. The entire process is automated and is handled securely over the web.  

Centralized Billing 

Reviews of AdvancedmD show that this EHR comes with a centralized database for medical billing services. It helps maintain powerhouse performance with seamless integration with the EHR module. This way, the bills are automatically updated on the patient portals.

Payment Processing

AdvancedMD takes the lead in accepting credit card payment processing. This way, medical professionals can auto-post all charges in a swipe. Also, there is an automated eRS processing service for independent practitioners to save a bundle of their time.  

Medical Scheduling

This service works by notifying the financial administrators when a patient check-ins as it is integrated with the scheduling tools. Patient information is displayed automatically, and administrators can create invoices with a single click.  

A/R Controlled Center

The software allows practices to drive review at their full potential with the least possible effort. This denial tracking tool keeps tabs on all receivables, including unsubmitted claims and undue payments, to ensure providers get what they deserve without any hassle.


After on-demand eligibility checks are performed for all patients, the claims inspector scrubs claims. This service is compliant with HIPAA and CCI laws and thus assures maximum reimbursement with minimal to no rejection rate.


Unlike Epic EMR, which is considered an EMR with essential billing services, AdvancedMD is exclusively treated as a medical billing software by the clients. Users are pretty satisfied with the billing services of this clinical solution. It takes the hassle out of the revenue stream by optimizing the charges—the data experts of AdvancedMD EHR add value to its billing features.  

Moreover, AdvancedMD reviews illustrate that it offers a full-pack billing solution that processes the claims alongside the billing statements. It boosts clinical profitability by ensuring rapid payment collection at a reduced cost. Medical practices can earn what they deserve with less equipment and advanced expertise by AdvancedMD EHR. Also, AdvancedMD EHR features BI reporting tools to provide a detailed overview of revenue to measure clinical success. 


We’ll wrap up this effective billing comparison of Epic EHR vs AdvancedMD EHR by highlighting their crux. Epic EMR is a solution for small to mid-sized practices that want an EHR solution equipped with high-tech billing features. On the other hand, AdvancedMD EHR is the top pick of care organizations looking for comprehensive medical billing software. Both solutions offer unique and unparalleled billing services, but AdvancedMD EHR works at the next level. So, first, analyze your clinical demands and then decide whether you want basic billing services or comprehensive ones.