Enjoy Custom Tshirt Printing

More and more people are looking into where to print shirts, as shirt or garment printing becomes a popular thing to do for individuals as well as businesses. Designing your shirts is a great way to have your clothing reflect your personality, your likes, your sense of humour and more. Rather than wearing the same shirts others are wearing, you can be different and design your own. You can also do the same for polo shirts, hoodies, sportswear, caps, bags, jerseys and more.

Create designs special to you

You can have more control over the clothing you wear with your personally designed custom tshirt printing. You no longer have to waste time walking around stores feeling uninspired by what you see. Create your look, find a printer you trust, and start having your shirts printed for less money!

Perfect specialised gifts

Perhaps you want to also create wonderful gifts for friends, family and people you know? Show that personal touch, let loose your creative side, and come up with a garment you know they will appreciate. When someone already seems to have everything they need, give them something special and unique. You can find printers who carry out smaller orders at still very reasonable prices. You might even choose to have embroidered designs too.

Choosing or creating a design

When it comes to choosing a design you will often find thatwhere to print shirts is also where you can have design support. Some offer the chance to work with a designer and some have various images and an online design tool. You can choose an image they already have or use the design tool to change things or create something unique. Maybe you want to layer several patterns or motifs, scale something down or up, or add some special effects. You can also add slogans, phrases, jokes or names too. Some allow users to add in their own photos just make sure you follow their guidelines on the type of files to use.

Types of printing

There are several printing techniques so the type depends on your preferences as well as how many you want printed, colour needs, size and so on. Your printer can help though breaking it down you tend to have silk screen printing for larger orders with fewer colours required and direct to garment digital printing for smaller orders with more colours possible.


When it comes to custom tshirt printing there are no real hard rules. You can place designs anywhere on the front and back, or even on sleeves or pockets. Create something individual, step away from being one in a crowd. Whether you are designing and printing clothing for your personal use, or as a gift for someone, it is affordable, you can choose garments of excellent quality to print onto and it is becoming a very popular way to express yourself. Find a skilled printer with experience and see what is possible.