English greetings: 10+ words and phrases to say “Hello” and respond

Greetings in English represent the beauty of this language. The use of an appropriate greeting at the beginning of a conversation can make a good impression. Hello – is the most common greeting people often use. But, did you know that you can say many other things rather than saying hello? We have enlisted some popular greetings to say hello in different ways. Besides, you will learn several phrases to use in response to hello.

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10 Hello Synonyms with Example Sentences

1. Hey:

You can use – hey instead of saying hello to attract someone’s attention.

Example: Hey, how are you? 

2. Hi:

Hi – is the shortest greeting in informal English and can be used when meeting with friends.

Example: Hi Jack, how was the tour?

3. Howdy:

How you are doing – is often said Howdy in brief. It is a popular informal and friendly greeting in western states.

Example: Howdy, man?

4. Hi there:

Hi, there – is an alternative to hello or hi, mostly used in online communication. 

Example: Hi there, my name is Steve.

5. Hey buddy:

Hey buddy – is an informal greeting and is only used when meeting with friends.

Example: Hey buddy, haven’t seen you for a long time.

6. What’s up:

The idiomatic phrase – what’s up is an informal greeting and similar to asking a question like “what is happening?”.

Example: what’s up, buddy?

7. Good morning/afternoon:

Good morning, good afternoon, or other time-related greetings are very formal and respectful. You can use these phrases in professional communication as well.

Example: Good morning, sir.

8. How are you?

How are you – is a formal greeting widely used in professional communication instead of saying hello.

Example: How are you, sir?

9. How are things?

This informal greeting exactly sounds like “how are you?”. 

Example: How are things, Stacy?

10. Nice to meet you:

Nice to meet you – is a very polite and formal greeting, used while being introduced to someone.

Example: Nice to meet you, Mr. Paul.

10 ways to respond when someone says “Hello”

1. Hello/hi:

In response to Hello, you can also say hello or hi. 

2. Hi there:

You can say – hi there in reply to hello to someone you already know like your friends, co-workers, or neighbors.

3. Hey there:

Hi, there and hey there – means the same and can be said in reply to hello.

4. Hey you:

Hey you – is an informal response to hello. It suits better in cases when you can’t remember the person’s name.

5. What’s up?

You can say – what’s up in response to hello to your friends.

6. What’s happening?

If your friend says hello, you can reply to – what’s happening, which is similar to what’s up.

7. How’s it going?

The phrase is widely used for replying hello informally.

8. How’s your day going?

You can also say – How’s your day going in reply to hello to your friends.

9. Hey! What a pleasant surprise

This informal phrase is an excellent reply to hello that expresses your surprise and joy.

10. Nice to see you:

Nice to see you – is a very formal phrase that can be used in professional communication instead of saying goodbye.

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Final words

Finally, we knew some greetings to use instead of saying hello. Besides, we have mentioned some phrases that can be used in response to hello. You should use them carefully considering the type of communication. Otherwise, your greeting may seem impolite and cause misunderstanding.

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